When someone mentions sexual adventures outside of a relationship, it usually means that a person is referring to having casual sex with someone they don’t know well or at all. Casual sex is a typical one night stand with a person you just met and, most of the time, these hookups occur via online dating platforms that were designed for such activities.

Now, even though it may look like that would be it, there are interesting things and facts about types of casual sex. A recent study showed that the casual sex category is right after relationship sexual encounters.

It’s a common thing, especially today when you have so many online dating websites and mobile apps that offer plenty of opportunities to have sex with whomever you want and like. Some of these dating apps are encouraging you to find romance, relationships, even love, while others are more into having casual sex with complete strangers.

Those who want to explore their own sexuality have so many possibilities to do it. The same goes for those who have never experienced the thrill of having casual sex with a person they see for the first time in their lives. We will focus more on those people and types of casual sex they have.

When we say types of casual sex, we mean various circumstances that occur before and after having casual sex. There are so many situations to count but, research has shown that there are 7 types of casual sex that are most represented and common for people who are into such casual sex encounters.

Sex should be fun and emotional, full of passion and desire, it should make people feel good about themselves and the way they look. It’s good for the health of all of us and it makes us satisfied.

1. Drunk Sex Is Not Recommended but It Happens

drunk sex

Having too many drinks before having sex might result in many things. Downing a few drinks to get relaxed shouldn’t be a problem, as people tend to get nervous when they meet someone for the first time. So, to get their rocks off, they have a couple of glasses of whiskey and they feel better about the whole situation. Well, too much alcohol might affect your performance if you’re a man and might make it worse if you are a woman.

If you drink too much before having sex, you might not remember the entire intercourse. Then overthinking steps in and suddenly you start feeling ashamed of yourself. The truth is, it’s different for each person.

Alcohol makes you feel desensitized and numb. It also makes it hard to control your emotions and the things you say. In most cases, different studies have shown that people reflected negatively upon drunk sex, mostly saying that it was a mistake to drink so much.

Now, some people feel good about themselves when they are drunk, others believe that they will perform better and last longer if they have a couple of shots more. To each their own. Alcohol makes you different, it changes your perception and lowers your standards, and if you really go over the line, you might not remember the whole thing.

The most important thing is, drunk people tend to care less about such conditions, about safety, precautions, and overall consequences of their behavior that might put their lives and the lives of their partners at risk.

Drunk sex happens but it’s not recommended.

2. Random Sex For Those Who Want a Bit of a Thrill

random sex

Random sex is something that people who are in long-term relationships tend to do the most. Most of the time, their reasons for doing it are the most common and typical ones. They want to feel alive again, things are not working in their current relationships or they are having common relationship problems that all people tend to experience after a while.

Being with the same person all the time is not easy and they find escape from such problems by having random sex with complete strangers. Random sex makes you feel good and boosts your ego but comes with a certain risk. If your partner finds out about it, you are in for some hard times and difficult decisions.

People who do it more often tend to feel ashamed because of it, as the love they have buried deep inside for their partners tends to make them feel guilty for cheating on them. Still, the thrill of having a one night stand, the adventure of it, makes it almost irresistible.

Just doing it makes you feel so special and amazing only to make you feel guilty and awful afterward. On the other hand, there are people who are just not into relationships and to them, random sex is the best thing there is. No matter what type you are, think about the consequences and the risks and take necessary precautions to make random sex an experience to remember.

3. Booty Calls Are Fun but There Has to Be a Limit

booty call girl

Also known as orgasm on demand, many consider booty calls to be the best thing ever. Even though it may sound great to just hit the phone and call someone to come over for casual sex with no obligations at all, it can be tricky. The most important thing is to maintain the balance of respect and having fun.

It’s essential that the other person treats you with respect, just as it is important that you do the same to make things last. That’s where certain limits come into play. Respecting these limits and each other is the key to having good and successful booty calls that will always result in what you want.

Booty calls should never be on the terms of just one person. Since it takes two to make it fun, the best thing to do is set up some ground rules, talk about what you want and don’t want, come to an agreement and stick to it. It takes a bit of an effort to get there, but if the sex is incredible, it will eventually pay off.

Of course, if both partners are OK with booty calls and no strings attached, just relax and enjoy yourselves as much as possible. No matter what type of casual sex is in question, always say clearly if you don’t find something to be OK or you don’t want to do something.

Conversation is the key to happiness.

4. Many Find Breakup Sex to Be the Best Thing Ever

breakup sex

People get into relationships just like they break up those relationships. It’s a normal cycle of life and love and most couples have this thing for fighting only to break up and have makeup sex afterward. That makes them love each other even more in their own kind of a way, strengthening their relationship and feelings between them.

If you had an argument with someone you care for or love, having a breakup and makeup sex makes things passionate again. It’s a way to release tension that was created by an argument between two people who are in a relationship.

Many couples state that there’s nothing better than having breakup sex, but it takes a certain masochistic side to be able to actually enjoy it. An old saying explains that great sex can be a cure for everything.

With that in mind, people who tend to argue, carry a certain emotional pain which can only be cured by the extraordinary power of sex, which puts a seal on the emotional relationship between two people. When their relationship hits a crisis and they break up, they let some time to pass for both of them to heal and think about their actions.

If the love and emotional bond were strong between them, they will eventually come to terms again which almost always results in breakup sex. That’s why many can’t tell the difference between breakup sex and makeup sex. In most cases, breakup sex leads to closure where two people realize that they should be together again.

Then again, there are cases where breakup sex was the last lay before both partners went their separate ways. Studies show that the breakup sex is usually the hottest. The truth is, if you part ways with your ex that way, there are better chances that you will get back in there, so think about that.

5. Party Sex Is Something that just Happens

party sex

This happens to almost all people who have ever been to a party, especially in college and high school but also, later in life. For example, you and your colleagues decide to throw a party for some reason so you invite your work buddies to jump on that fun train.

It happens every time that someone has a crush on someone they work with and a party is the best place and moment to make a move. Party sex is all about spontaneity and sheer chemistry. It’s a situation when both of you want the same thing and just go and do it. No small talk, no wasting time, just pure lust and desire and of course, fun.

It can happen anytime during the party and the best thing about it is, you can do it almost anywhere. It’s a hot idea, to just grab someone and start doing it. When the attraction is simply irresistible and you are in the right mood, just like the person you want, having party sex can be the best thing that happened to you in your life.

There is also that thrill that you might get caught, which makes it even more tempting. To put it in simple words, party sex is all about adventure, passion, the emotion at the moment and it can be so good that you might keep it in your memory for a very long time.

6. Experimental Sex Is all about Broadening Your Views

experimental sex

Great sex is a thing that everybody is looking for. Those who have regular sex, tend to look for something more. Well, experimental sex is just that, when you experiment with your partner and yourself to see beyond what you used to. It’s all about pushing kinkiness and boundaries. The only way to enjoy experimental sex is if you totally and completely open your mind to it and simply give in, go with the flow.

The anticipation and tension make it so interesting and exciting and it can be a great way for chemistry to happen between two people who like and want the same things. Each minute is important and each move counts.

You can never know whether you like something or not until you actually do it and traditional sex isn’t gonna cut it. Doing the same thing all over again while expecting different results might get you off and the best way to get what you need is to try something different, something that you only maybe fantasized about but never actually did.

7. A Workplace Fling Can Be a good Idea

sex in the workplace

It’s normal for people who work together to develop certain feelings and attraction in time. Sexual tension builds up to the point where all you think about is how to make a move and get what you want.

While many will say that it’s a bad idea if you know how to pull it off without anyone else noticing, go ahead and have your workplace sexmance. First of all, you will become more productive if you give in to it because you will be able to focus on your work rather than something else. You will be happier with yourself as well.

Flirting is a good thing and there is nothing wrong with attraction. A workplace fling can result in many things, but the very intrigue of it makes you curious. Think about it this way, you get a chance to do your work and productive, while at the same time you get to make a move on someone you really like. Sounds perfect if you ask us, so go for it.