Ladies, you know the story. Chances are, Lucky isn’t the first time you’ve tried a dating app, and girl, you have earned your stripes. Getting psyched out for a date for days or weeks, only to find out the guy is a dead fish, or a creeper, or both (ugh… both…). Sometimes, you just want to get to the point.

So hey! Thanks for checking us out. That’s kinda what we’re here for. If you haven’t set up your account yet, here are a few pointers to find the best last-minute hookup you’ve ever had.

Step 1: Choose your picture wisely.

Choosing your picture is key. You want to look good of course, so pick the picture that you and all your friends agree is the best (it never hurts to compare!), and you’re off to an amazing start. But don’t be afraid to have some fun with it, and leave them guessing a little about who you are: are you a free spirit art nut? Let your creativity fly. Do you like going out, and are looking for someone who does too? Pull up that amazing shot from your friend’s bachelorette party. Let the picture help tell your story.

Step 2: Now, be picky.

The more you swipe right, the more matches you’re going to get. But be a little picky — the last thing you want to do is flood your inbox! When the messages start flowing in, you can’t take your time — remember, Lucky only keeps a match for a few hours before they’re gone forever — but give a moment to think about whether this guy is good hookup material.

Step 3: Start talking.

Text, audio, video, whatever you prefer — Lucky has all the tools you need to get started in-app, so you can get the feel of a match without having to share your number. Yay, anonymity!

The key is to be yourself, and to be willing to give just a little information about yourself. A general idea of what you’re doing that gives the guy a chance to respond. But remember — don’t be put off if the conversation turns to meeting pretty quickly: after all, hooking up is why you’re here! Here’s a solid starter conversation:

Hey! Saw that we matched up here. I’m Matt.

hey matt! Im sasha.

Nice to meet your Sasha. I hope you don’t mind if I say that you’re very attractive.

? thank you. Youre not so bad yourself. ?

Thank you. I try to stay hydrated.


What are you up to? I just got home from work but was thinking of going out for a drink.

Im in the middle of a class right now. But ill be out in 45 minutes.

Where do you go to school? I’d love to hear about what you’re studying.

nursing at the college

Cool, that’s only 4 miles from me. You know O’Leary’s?

yeah I go there sometimes.

Want to meet there in an hour? First rounds on me. ?


There. That whole conversation took five minutes, but you still managed to find out a little about each other. At least you’ll have something to talk about for the first few minutes, and by then, you’ll know for sure.

Step 4: Good luck.

It’s your game now, girl. Glad we could help. Now go off and have a good time, you two. Stay safe, and don’t be afraid to say adios if you’re just not feeling it. There are plenty of fish out there.