The evolution of technology brought webcam sex, cam girls, and internet private chatrooms. These have been a staple of taboo topics in the 21st century.

But there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s nothing more than just another genre of pornography, the interactive kind! And don’t worry, you’re not alone like this kind of thing. Research shows the number of users is only growing!

Now, with so many scams around, you can never be too careful with your internet browsing needs, especially when it comes to getting down and dirty. Pornography sites are notorious for being filled with malware and computer viruses that can really harm your computer, or even hold your hard earned money for ransom!

In an age of credit card fraud and misinformation on the internet, we have compiled a quick but thoroughly researched list of the top 10 webcam websites that will please you and keep your internet history and credit card safe, contained, and protected.

1. Cams


Let’s be honest. There are billions of websites for you to visit for some interactive cam girl action, but there are only a handful of gold standard ones. Different than all of its competitors, Cams offers true and real girls who are more than professional in their area.

The website offers a wide range of choices for you, according to your needs and wants, and offers you a camming experience like no other. You can choose from three different genders: male, female, and trans. You can filter your preferred age group. It even has a filter for the body type, hair color, ethnicity, and everything you can think of.

They even offer a kinks category, so you can filter your wishes to the tiniest detail. S&M, High Heels, Slut-shaming? They’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for the perfect man or woman to fulfill your wishes, check your wallet and visit this website.

2. Chaturbate


Are you looking for something new to get you off? You’re bored of the same old same old? Look no further! Chaturbate is here to save you! With a huge variety and ease of use, Chaturbate will soon become your go-to website for some quick and easy camgirl action.

This is a website without faults. It’s simple and it’s free. There are more than a few free viewing cam sessions, so you can test one out without spending a dime! Never forget to tip your camgirl tho, if she fulfills your wishes.

It offers private chats in exchange for tokens, so you can even get to do some 1 on 1 with your favorite cam model. Chaturbate also has a dazzling and big community centered around camgirls of course, but they all coexist in harmony with the same goal. No one is being disrespectful or annoying. These are just people enjoying their time!

3. Flirt4free


Flirt4free is a slick, easy, and simple website to fulfill your cam girl needs. It is one of the oldest streaming sites around and has gone through numerous redesigns and path changes. From pornstars to camgirls, you’re always likely to find a wide variety of tightly knit professional women here alongside just as many men, as well as some trans performers.

What sets Flirt4Free apart from most other websites is its performers. Most are professionals; the website does not hire amateurs. It is also free, and the registration is as simple as pie. It is also unique in its group shows, as it offers the chance for you to reach a certain financial goal for the performer in exchange for something he/she will do. This was a revolutionary method at its time.

Their private shows are plentiful and generally cheaper from most other camgirl sites, and depending on the model, for enough money you can get them to do whatever you like. From general chatting to special favors, just be sure to respect your models and pay them accordingly!

4. LiveJasmin


LiveJasmin is not the most popular cam website for no reason, you know. It’s the biggest camgirl site around and there is no doubt about it. Providing you with an unmatched number of camgirls and pleasures for you to indulge in. It also helps that it’s the preferred website, advertised on Pornhub, so you’re never going to be lonely when visiting this place!

It is for everyone’s erotic fantasy. From professionals to amateurs, it offers a great and simple sign up and login screen and a pleasant interface. One of the biggest pros of LiveJasmin is that it’s completely free to sign up to and use! With a huge abundance of free shows, you’re guaranteed to never get bored.

But alas, it comes at a price. Upgrading your account will not set you back by much but it does offer a lot of things you will find very thrilling to encounter.

What’s great about this website is its VibraToy feature that enables true interaction between you, the viewer, and the model you’re observing. It really does not get much better than that!

5. Streamate


The best and freshest camgirls are right here at Streamate! They are growing in popularity by the day and cooperating with numerous pornography websites, so you might have heard of this one by now! The girls are smoking hot and the choice is great. What’s not to love about this website?

It offers HD live streams and dirty pictures, and there are more than 2200 models online at any given time. 

Are you just looking for a quick peek? Streamate has you covered! It’s very simple to use and register, unlike most cam sites.

Streamate’s webcam models offer many free viewing times so you can take a peek inside their private room and determine if you would like to stay or contribute. Like most webcam websites, it offers a private room option, but don’t rush into it. It can get pretty pricy at times!

It’s never bad to support your favorite models if they fulfill your wishes and fantasies, but don’t be fooled! Not all models are good and some even might try to scam you for money. Always visit every website with caution!

6. MyFreeCams


An oldie but goldie, MyFreeCams is the one oldest streaming websites there is. Its interface hasn’t really changed that much, but you’re not here to look at pretty web designs. You’re here to look at pretty women! And boy, you can find some dashing models on MyFreeCams.

There are no room previews but you can enter most rooms just as a basic user. It also helps that there is an extremely detailed screen where you can basically adjust your preferences to find a perfect model to cater to your exact wants and needs at any given moment.

A huge plus that MyFreeCams offers for free is that you can maximize your cam model free of charge! Why would you want to look at the chat window when you’re here for the model? The website is completely free and most of its perks are given to you right away.

Purchasing credits to give to models in exchange for money automatically upgrades your account to premium and credits are pretty cheap compared to the competition. The only downside is that there aren’t any men streaming here, only girls.

7. Stripchat


Stripchat offers the best cam/chat/money ratio. The registration is completely free of charge, and it follows a pay by the way narrative. A very decent site offering you a choice with numerous kinks and ways to fulfill your everyday needs. After all, we’re all human!

And yes, unlike the previous example, this marvelous website actually offers male cam models, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re at the right place. Navigating through the website is simple, and upgrading your website to access numerous features locked from prying eyes of free users is fairly decently priced and easy to do.

They offer a Gold Membership which is only $20 a month. That’s a steal! Gold memberships offer you many interesting perks such as invisible mode, full screen, and private messaging between you, the viewer, and the model you’ve chosen to talk to.

You can also buy tokens and support your favorite models with them. The site also offers an interesting profile section which is a very modern take on the regular name, e-mail, password, and picture scheme.

8. Bongacams


BongaCams offers a small but well-selected selection of girls, mostly from North America. Unlike many other websites, it consists mostly of amateur performers and that’s a big plus for some!

It offers the standard Cam2Cam private room video feature and is one of the cheaper websites around. A great addition to this website and an absolute financial lifesaver is a session timer that counts down the credits you’ve spent on a given model during a given session. For anyone who’s ever had a Cam2Cam experience, you know how expensive these can get and how quickly you can lose track of time!

Unlike many other cam websites, BongaCams offers you different ways to earn free tokens to support models. Yep, you heard me right. Free tokens! There are many ways to do this including inviting your friends to the websites, cashback rewards for the best earners, surveys, and many others.

A big drawback for most similar websites is decent video but horrible audio. You can’t get your rocks off if the audio is cutting in between your viewing pleasure?

Don’t fret! Most models offer both HD video and audio here, so you’re more than covered.

Also, a very nice and handy addition to this website is the fact you can buy tokens with crypto-currencies, to remain completely anonymous if that’s your thing.

9. Cam4


A simple yet effective website, Cam4 offers a wide variety of models for you to choose from, including the thing you’ve all been waiting for – couples!

As most camming websites avoid hosting couples interacting or performing together in any way, Cam4 encourages it! For the right price, you can get these models to do whatever you ask of them! Always remember to respect your models though, they’re people just like you and me and should not be treated as anything less!

It’s solid, free to use, and even lets you become a performer if you’re seeking that kind of thrill. You can also earn some money from it! It’s known to pay its models a pretty fair and fine sum.

Something amazing you can’t really see on any other website is the Virtual Reality experience if you have the needed goggles. These are all amateur performers and most of them offer a VR show just for you!

10. Imlive


Most webcam sites are outdated and boring. Not this one! This stunning website does not only offer some of the best looking models around, but it also offers a fully functional mobile and tablet website!

They pride themselves in their customer support that is almost instant, and you’re free to complain to their support during your video stream if something goes wrong. No other website offers this level of active admin-user interaction, and it’s a lifesaver at times!

One of the best in the webcam industry, Imlive offers nothing but the best. Great features, a fresh design, stunning models, and a wide variety of options for you to choose from. It’s not the coolest new trend or the cheapest websites around, but it’s the best balance there is. You should definitely give it a visit and check it out for yourself!

Always remember to stay safe when browsing the internet, as you never know what might be hiding around the corner, especially in this field! Stick to this list and all your wishes will be fulfilled while keeping you and your money perfectly safe in your bank account!

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