• Confusing Man

    Why Casual Sex Is so Hard for Men?

    We’ve never had more liberty than we do today to explore our sexuality and be so open about it, and while this hookup culture is being more widely accepted, it’s still a bit of a taboo in certain environments, and not everyone can wrap their head around it. Those who can, however, when they talk […]

  • Spring Break

    Cons and Pros of Spring Break Hookup – Dos and Don’ts

    When the early spring arrives, students have only one thing on their minds – spring break. Spring Break is a vacation for the university and high school students traditionally held since the ’30s. Partying at music festivals, having fun at beach parties, or in the nightclubs, in the warm climate locations such as Florida, Daytona […]

  • craigslist personals

    17 Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives In 2019 for Casual Encounters

    In case you missed it, your happy days of having casual sex with super hot dates over Craigslist Personals are over. Unfortunately, they are no more, as they’ve decided to call it quits. Many of their users are now asking themselves what to do now that their favorite service is not around anymore. This service […]

  • gay hookup

    Top 10 Best Gay Hookup Apps of 2019

    In case that you’ve been living under a rock, the whole new wave of online dating is literally right under your fingertips. You feel really horny today? Why not use that feeling and let yourself go with the flow. Well, if you’re into having gay sex with strangers, you’ll be absolutely pleased to know that […]

  • one night stand

    8 Differences Between One-Night Stands and Long Term Casual Sex

    Do you ever think about the types of relationships you’re involved in from time to time? Our need to define stuff and put a label on things will never disappear. Instead of letting things develop naturally, especially when it’s about relationships, we try to predict the future and play it safe. Sex with no obligations […]

  • Tinder Pickup Line

    Best Tinder Pickup Lines That Work in 2019

    Whether you’re on Tinder, and any other dating app, to hook up or to find your epic love story, you’ve got to break the ice with some kind of a conversation starter first. And is there any other good conversation starter than a nice and juicy pickup line? Pickup lines come in all shapes and […]

  • Casual Sex

    Why is Casual Sex a Stigma in Modern Society and Why it Shouldn’t Be

    The modern environment is an excellent base for a free and unrestricted lifestyle, but we’re increasingly noticing that our decisions are under scrutiny. Although it seems like the 21st century has brought a better atmosphere for developing our lives in the direction which suits us most, some social barriers will always be there. Since we’re […]

  • BDSM Fetish KINK Dating

    8 Best Dating Sites & Apps for BDSM, Fetish & KINK in 2019

    Nowadays, online dating, hookups, and one night stands are taking the world by storm and more and more people are getting into this lifestyle. It’s an excellent way to find a lot of like-minded people who want the same thing as you do. While there are so many dating sites and apps for simple hookups, […]

  • power struggle

    Avoiding Power Struggles in Casual Relationships

    We enter casual relationships to avoid all the drama that comes with committed relationships, but that doesn’t mean that there’s never any hiccups in them. Casual relationships are supposed to be fun and exciting, they are supposed to make you feel better and take the edge off, but sometimes people develop feelings, they become jealous […]

  • Top 10 Best Hookup Sites for Casual Sex in 2019

    Each New Year brings new site development, as well as trends and opportunities. During the few past years, one trend has been continuously increasing – casual sex. Well, it’s true that casual sex isn’t a new thing, but what’s new are numerous dating sites and platforms, exclusively created for those free of stigma – casual […]