• Difficult Dates

    Types Of Difficult Casual Dates and When to Bail on Your Sex Partner

    Nowadays, we can access various information sources and learn lots about sex and our bodies, but the more information we have, the more information we’ll try to apply in practice. That’s one of the reasons why the hookup culture has become much more common among different generations these days. Besides, everyone has a customized explanation […]

  • STD Testing

    How Often Should I Be Tested for STDs and How to Do It Confidentially?

    Sex is fun. Plain and simple. Whether you like playing around with your faithful, committed partner, or prefer getting kinky with various people you meet through an app or at a bar, you’re sure to enjoy most of your sexual encounters. And there’s usually no harm in that, as long as you play it safe. […]

  • Multiple Casual Partners

    Multiple Casual Sex Partners: Are You Sure You Are Ready?

    When it comes to casual sex, especially casual sex with multiple partners, opinions are strictly divided. It’s a controversial topic, and however popular casual sex may be, it is not for everyone. Some can’t get enough of it, while others don’t understand it at all. Before you even start considering multiple casual sex partners, you […]

  • Man is Talking with A Girl Online

    How to Talk with a Girl Online and Get Her Attention: 12 Do’s and Don’ts

    The internet has become available and accessible worldwide, and it has become our main tool for everything from shopping to keeping in touch with our friends. Although there are more advantages than disadvantages, this opened an entirely new, virtual world. The internet, or we should say the world’s largest playground, has become a place where […]

  • couple lingerie

    The Ultimate Guide to Have More Casual Hookups For Men

    If you need sex just to be sex, without any relationship, emotions, or any strings attached don’t be worried, this is completely normal. Some guys simply get tired of being in committed relationships, especially in the ones that don’t work out as well as they hoped and they turn only to sex. This has become […]

  • Casual Sex and Future Serious Relationships – How to Keep Them Apart

    Dating has always been confusing, and especially today when we have so many more “titles” than just boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. Very often, we don’t know where we stand with our partners, and everyone is dreading THE TALK. Open communication from the start is the best way to avoid any confusion, but sometimes that’s just not […]

  • Hook Up With A Girl Online

    How to Hook Up with A Girl Online?

    The new, online means of communication have made it more convenient for people to find casual sexual adventures, as well as serious relationships. All it takes are a few swipes and taps and one might already have a date or two jotted in their calendar. But there is one problem, or should we say a […]

  • Hook Up with A Guy Online

    How to Hook Up with a Guy Online?

    Things have changed drastically in our culture concerning sex. Today we are more open about it, people talk about sex and share information. What’s even more different today than 30 years ago is that people can have casual sex with no strings attached without being judged by everyone. This is especially true for women, as […]

  • backpage homepage

    11 Best Backpage Alternatives Websites to Get Laid In 2019

    As one of the favorite websites for classified listing around the globe, Backpage, a multilingual and widely available website with an adult section included is now closed. The problem was that people in different sex work professions such as escorts, strippers, erotic masseuses, and phone sex operators had a chance to post their listings online, […]

  • casual sex

    Why Casual Sex Is So Hard for Women?

    Women almost never want the same as men, it’s just the way things are. Hookups and casual sex can be hard for men so it’s only fair to say the same for women. Even though casual sex and hookups are easier than ever nowadays, there are still lots of problems and obstacles that keep most […]