• Casual Hookup

    8 Ways to Keep Hookups Casual and Not Hurt Anyone’s Feelings

    Before you get into casual dating, there are a few choices that you might want to think about. Diving headlong into a monogamous partnership full of commitments might simply not be the right choice for you. Instead of doing that and going through the same problems again, maybe you should consider some alternatives. Dating casually […]

  • serious relationship

    7 Signs That There Might Be More Between You than Just a Hookup

    Smouldering looks, cocksure touches, electrifying whispers. The hook-up culture has been designed by sexual people for sexual people. Being founded on tiny thrills and flirtatious pleasures, it allows us not only to actualize our wildest dreams, but also to explore, without any judgment or shame, the inane, frivolous side of what we call physical attraction. […]

  • Tinder Alternative

    The Tinder Alternative for Hookup that Works without Facebook

    We all know that Tinder started as a hookup app where people could find a match and try to do something about it. By swiping left or right you can either find a match or refuse to hook up. Once both of you confirm it’s a match you can start a chat. It’s as simple […]

  • couple having sex

    6 Reasons Why Casual Sex is Good for You

    The everlasting casual sex debate has recently become even more interesting, with scientists finally weighing in on whether or not the notorious hookup culture is good for us. To break it all down, we’ve decided to look at it from both sides, including the recent psychological studies that exotically scream yes. Here’s what we’ve learned. […]

  • Couple in hookup

    Everything You Need To Know To Hook Up On Lucky

    First of all, thanks for using the app. It means a lot to us. Now, let’s get you hooked up. In case you don’t know by now, Lucky is totally anonymous. We don’t want your number, your Facebook login, your email address, or anything. It’s not our business, and it’s nobody else’s. (Unless you want […]

  • Hooking up mean to women

    What Does Hooking Up Mean to a Woman?

    A hookup. You know what it is. It’s when you get together with a woman and, you know. Have fun. See where the night takes you. It can involve anything as simple as kissing on the couch to heading to the bedroom for the craziest night of your life. And, for that matter, anything in […]

  • Cuddling when hooking up

    What Does Hooking Up Mean to a Guy?

    You hear the word used a lot. Heck, we use it all the time (but it’s kind of our job, so…). But what is a hookup? Thing is, there’s no solid definition. The word just means different things to different people. For a guy, “hooking up” can translate to getting together, physically, for anything from […]

  • Hookup Awkwardness

    Dealing with Hookup Awkwardness

    Imagine the following scene. You’re completely stoked. You just rushed through a shower because you’re going to be hooking up in about an hour, and the adrenaline is pumping. You’re excited, but you’re also really anxious. If things go horribly, you’ve kinda blown your night. But if things go well? You’re going to have a […]

  • A Woman’s Guide to Hooking up on Lucky

    Ladies, you know the story. Chances are, Lucky isn’t the first time you’ve tried a dating app, and girl, you have earned your stripes. Getting psyched out for a date for days or weeks, only to find out the guy is a dead fish, or a creeper, or both (ugh… both…). Sometimes, you just want […]

  • Lucky Guide for Men

    A Guy’s Guide to Hooking up on Lucky

    Gentlemen, you know what we’re talking about. Chances are, Lucky isn’t your first dating app, and at this point, you’ve learned one indelible fact of the universe: there are a lot of guys out there, vying for the attention of not a whole lot of women. Even though we tried as hard as we could […]