Sex and travel go so well together in a sentence, almost as nicely as they go in real life. The casual nature of things brings these two together even better. It is as if we somehow let go of all our misconceptions and boundaries to experience new things, sexual partners included. And while this behavior becomes almost automatic, we are left with one question – why now?

Our psychologies are very complex, thus making the answer to this question rather complex as well, but not impossible. If you want to uncover the truth that hides behind the question: “Why casual sex feels better on vacation?”, we invite you to stay with us.

Psychology of Casual Sex

Before we can continue we have to address the psychology aspect of having casual sex. This is a very interesting subject and there are many serious studies that wanted to discover the subtle psychological mechanism behind this type of behavior. Unfortunately, they have all just scratched nothing more than the surface. We are left with a few of the answers though.

Casual sexual activity can improve your psychological well-being if it doesn’t violate your moral code, sense of integrity, or the commitments you’ve made to others, including yourself. At this point, it is very important to remember this because it has a lot to do with casual sex, especially the one on vacation.

Well, the question is – is there a group of people that experience casual sex as shame, or something generally bad? Of course, there is. Anyone who was brought up as either sexually or socially conservative person may never experience casual sex, and even if they do, they will label it as “bad for your health”.

Those with a strict religious belief system also belong to this group. And don’t forget the people who easily get emotionally attached to anyone with whom they get physically intimate.

Not even this group of people can remain indifferent when they have the opportunity to have casual sex while on vacation. It appears as if the vacation has this magical effect on us, making us cast our moral code aside and forget the principles of our upbringing. Here is how it happens.

Casual Encounters on Vacation

Vacation Casual Sex Spices Up the Adventure

Whether you want to admit or not, going on a vacation is the same as going on an adventure. Yes, you know where you are going to sleep, but you don’t know who you’ll meet, what exactly you are going to do, where you are going to go out, and where the road may take you.

And while there are many benefits of embarking on an adventure, such as becoming better at what you do for a living, broadening and sharpening your mind, there is one more thing – adventure makes you sexier.

This is something that is out of your control, it just happens. Maybe this is why you find yourself often checking people out and commenting on their looks while on vacation. Maybe this is why all of a sudden you feel more sexual and perceive people as more attractive.

Casual sex comes here as the cherry on the top of your adventure. Spending a night with a complete stranger gives you the last piece of the adrenaline puzzle to keep you satisfied and your adventure complete. It’s no wonder that people who had casual sex on vacation remember it for the rest of their lives, including the details about that very vacation.

Young couple having romantic fun in bed

Vacation Means Less Inhibition

Maybe you are not aware of it, but there is a lot of inhibition present in your day-to-day life. And when there is a lot of inhibition, there is no room for spontaneity whatsoever. You are constantly weighing whether or not you should do, think or say something. You assess what your parents would think about it, what your best friends would say, what impression you will leave on your community.

With so much stressing out, there is no place for casual sex, and if there is, it is there to help you blow out some steam. Not to mention that you are possibly going to live through an awkward moment if you and your one-night stand partner cross paths together. That’s another worry that you have to carry on your mind, inhibiting you even more.

When you are on vacation, your romantic decisions become more spontaneous. There is no filter you have to use every time you have to make a decision. Your uptight friends are back home, you don’t experience the fear of your family judging you, and your local community will never find out about that little rascal that lives inside you, longing for casual sex.

When the burden of your sexual adventures becomes the subject of a local gossip or family judgment falls on you, you are ready to really commit to casual sex and enjoy it like never before. With no inhibitions, sex becomes better by default.

What’s even better, the chances that you will meet that person again in your life are minimal. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is another reason why a vacation renders casual sex so much better.

Self-confidence Spikes During the Vacation

Our lives are encumbered with stress. We have to deal with our day to day tasks, reach the objectives, pay attention to our loved ones, pay the bills, and so on. We focus on the negative and give our best to fix the errors and improve our lifestyle.

This creates a lot of pressure and lives very little if no time at all for ourselves. It is your self-confidence that pays price here. Little by little you can start feeling that there are too many things on the plate and that you are unable to sort it out. Even if it happens, casual sex is another thing that fills the glass and makes you question yourself even more.

Enter the vacation time. The very moment when you land your foot on the ground and breathe in the fresh air is followed by the sigh of relief. More than 90% of your everyday worries are no longer on your plate. The time has come for you to pay attention to yourself.

You have all the time on this world to relax. And did you know that people somehow tend to dress sexier when on vacation? If you doubt it, ask yourself when was the last time when you brought your comfy clothes on a vacation. When on vacation, you dress to impress and to look your best. This instantly makes you feel recharged, powerful and more confident, read sexier.

And since you don’t have any deadlines, you will feel less rushed, which automatically shifts your entire mindset. This is why the casual sex on vacation feels so good.

The Concept of Here and Now

The concept of being in the here and now was popularized by psychologists in recent time but it is, in fact, something that Zen Buddhism has been teaching for centuries now as “living in the present”. And if we are being honest, most of us have strayed away from this path.

If you find yourself planning for the future and giving yourself a date when you are going to start enjoying life, you have strayed from it too. This is quite normal, considering the fast pace of modern life.

This is why casual sex became just another item on the bucket list of many people. And when something becomes a thing that you have to scratch off your list, it becomes exactly that – a thing. Not something that you want to experience down to every little detail, but something to get over with.

Feeling detached from the experience pushes us even further from it, thus making the casual sex just a physical experience. And we are not only physical beings. Experiencing something as purely physical doesn’t allow it to leave its true impression on us.

Yeah, you have guessed it right – vacation will put you in a position to live the complete casual sex experience. How come? When you go on a vacation, the content that required your complete awareness and focus is all gone. Your senses and mind are free and now able to enjoy the reality from a different perspective.

Have you ever wondered why coffee and croissant taste better on vacation? You know why casual sex feels better as well? Because you feel it in the present with 100% of your being, both physically and emotionally.

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The Effortless is New Sexy

Casual sex doesn’t just happen. You have to work for it, especially in your hometown. You have to dress well, work on your social skills, and devote a significant amount of time and cash to be able to drag someone to bed.

Also, you have to discover places where people with the same intentions as yours tend to hang out. All of this makes casual sex not so casual when you want to have it. And if you want to wait for it to happen spontaneously, you never know how long it can take until you meet someone.

With a vacation, things look a lot different. First of all, it has become the standard in many cultures that sexual adventures on a vacation are quite a normal thing to happen. This means that a vacation destination is a place where a lot of people who are looking for casual sex hang out.

When you strike up a conversation with someone you like, they’ll know that you are not up to offering them a long-term relationship. If they accept your offer to go out for a drink, the chances are that you are going to score that night.

On a side note, you don’t even have to leave your room or your favorite bar to find a casual sex opportunity. You can hook up with people over your smartphone with the right kind of adult dating app for a one night stand.

Connecting with and meeting people who are looking for the same thing as you has never been easier, and we bet that you’ll be able to find a lot of them on your vacation. The effortless is the new sexy, making the one-night stand on vacation feel better.

It is More Intense

If we consider all the things we said about casual sex in your hometown, it is logical to assume that it’s not as intense as it should be. Whether you use it to have fun, relieve some stress, or prove something to yourself, the intense casual sex experience will eventually wear off.

It will lose the power to spice up your sex life or to become a catalyst for your inspiration, creativity, and sexuality. A one night stand on the vacation is completely different.

Since you have more time and energy to devote to your personal endeavors, a vacation makes everything you experience more intense. With no worries on your mind, increased self-confidence, and feeling less inhibited, you will experience an entirely new dimension of sex.

While the very sex is practically the same, you are the element that has changed here. This is why your subjective perception of sex shifts and you are now able to experience it to its full extent – as intense, rewarding, and encaptivating.

Besides, every expert on sex will tell you that it gets more intense when there is something new involved. On vacation, you couldn’t ask for more – new environment, people, and experiences. Having sex in an exotic place will make it much more exciting and memorable.

Casual sex on vacation feels better for all the reasons above. First of all, it spices up your adventure, and on top of that, you feel more confident, less worried, and ready to experience the here and now.

With the ability to find the people who are looking for the same thing as you are with no effort at all, and no risk of meeting that person ever again in your life, casual sex on vacation becomes this inviting thing, that feels so good that it’s hard to resist.