She came to the restaurant wearing a skirt, instantly provoking your imagination and hardness. It was the first meeting the two of you had arranged, but still, your heart was pumping and the lust was growing.

The first thing you notice from the way she’s looking at you is that she feels exhilarated – she wants you to please her in the enthusiastic game of casual sex. And as the evening progresses, with both of you filling up the second or the third glass, your ability to stay calm is starting to collapse.

Because you’ve met each other on the hookup app, you already know the drill. Everything is already arranged, you just need to get practical. As you see from her character, she’s very open-minded, relaxed girl who lives a rather stoic life; meaning that she wants adventure and pleasure. The answer to the question “You want to do it?” is already positive, and you just need a sign of consent.

A brief head movement pointing in the direction of a public bathroom is an adequate sign for you to start the exotic experience of public sex.

In one word, it’s delicious. The fact that public sex is forbidden in many countries brings a whole new perspective to the situation: since it is forbidden, it’s more enjoyable.

Let’s get serious

Things tend to escalate when, in the game of sensual affection, a taboo comes up that is also an illegal act. But, if you don’t look at it from the perspective of social norms that are becoming more and more absurd, you can see just how rich and exciting public sex can be. And this is for a couple of reasons.

1. It’s a great change of pace for casual encounters and stagnant relationships. Not many people that I know practice public sex so much that it has become a normal thing for them. It rather happens spontaneously or when alcohol gives people the extra courage. But while you’re doing it, you feel that you have left your “safety bubble” inside your apartment.

2. It makes for a great story. It’s thrilling and seductive. You’ll often remember where it was and how it had happened.

3. You will be unpredictable in the eyes of your partner, which is a big plus. When you suggest having casual sex in the public bathroom, your partner will instantly get horny. Whether they accept it or not is another thing, but you will surely look unpredictable and more desirable in the eyes of your partner.

4. It can help you if you are not the best lover. We can’t say that everyone is a good lover and seducer. It takes practice and a feel for sex. But nevertheless, if you have sex in public places, you’ll be able to perform better. Because the uncertainty of getting caught is always in the air, you’ll force yourself to be a better lover.

Interestingly enough, people from the UK are already well-aware of the public sex, and they love to do it. Close to half the people who were surveyed admitted that they were doing it outside. They also have a name for it: dogging. But dogging isn’t just sex in public. It’s outside sex with a crowd – others come and watch you, almost like a live porn movie.

It’s so nice knowing that sex is leaving the tidy bedroom and loosening the chains that the patriarchal world and the world of “ethics” media have placed around it. But from the other perspective, if you have sex in a public bathroom of some cafe, bar or a restaurant, and the owner sees you, it won’t be a pretty sight. You can even get arrested if it’s forbidden in your country.

sex in public

The Thrill of Danger

Do you remember how many times you’ve done something that is considered dangerous? Many times? Not so much? Whatever the case is, you’ve done it. And the feeling after doing it? Amazing.

You know how in the movies when an airplane crash is happening, people start yelling or smiling, saying something they never told the world before?

From a scientific standpoint, when we’re in a state of arousal, our body produces massive amounts of adrenaline and dopamine. That’s why your heart starts pumping and your body feels energized when something amusing is going to happen.

Likewise, when we’re scared, the body also starts producing huge amounts of adrenaline and dopamine. That’s why people love doing dangerous things. Roller coasters, scary movies, being close to a wild animal – these kinds of things produce adrenaline and dopamine. And also public sex.

When you combine arousal from being scared, with the arousal of having sex, you suddenly get an overwhelmingly thrilling experience. And exactly this happens in public sex – being in a public bathroom with your partner, doing it, while waiting for someone to open the door, is a uniquely arousing experience.

That’s why forbidden things are more enjoyable than everyday stuff. But it’s not worth it if you pay a big price for it. For that reason, let’s see how you can make it happen.

How Not To Get Caught

The fear that many people experience from the idea of public sex comes more from social restrictions then the public sex itself. Avoiding social stigma, ruining a social reputation, are a couple of reasons why people tend to avoid the idea of public sex.

But, if you don’t have those kinds of restrictions on your mind, you’ll soon enough find out that if somebody sees you, it’s no big deal. If a store owner finds you, he’ll kick you out. If the restaurant staff caught you, it would be awkward, or maybe not.

So, even though public sex is mostly forbidden, you’ll rarely have actual consequences. But despite the fact you probably won’t get into any serious trouble, you should know what the punishment would be for getting caught.

It can ruin the mood though, but the story will be great to tell!

The best thing to do before having public sex is to have the premeditated approach. You really should scan out the spot beforehand. See what restaurant has the best bathroom spot for sex. If the bathroom is in a more open area, it’s probably wise not to go for it. If the restaurant staff is heavily concentrated on the patrons, you shouldn’t do it.

Find a proper place which has good security when it comes to the bathroom. If the doors have locks on them and the bathroom is big enough and has room for everyone, then it’s a good spot.

You’ll also need to have a plan if somebody walks in or things go sour. You will need to keep it subtle by:

  • Keeping most of your clothes on, just unzip your fly. For women, wear a skirt with no panties on or have thongs on.
  • Making sure you are both quiet.
  • Doing it relatively quickly.
  • Locking the door or blocking it with your body/hand.
  • Keeping your ears and eyes out for any trouble.
  • Entering and leaving calmly and separately.

These things will maximize your security, and minimize the possibility of getting caught.

But as we know, when it comes to casual encounters, it’s often very hard to control the situation. When the sexual tension is high, it’s definitely the hardest to control, which is totally fine.

And at the end of the day, the most important thing is to have a great time and remember it. And it’s suitable to throw caution out the window.

public bathroom sex

How To Engage In Sex In a Public Area

Public sex is totally different from anything we try in the bedroom. Without the protection of four walls and locked doors, you feel somewhat vulnerable, which can be extremely exciting. Just the fact that anyone can see you makes the whole experience much more enjoyable and it can turn you on even more.

The main condition for you to spend a great time in a public bathroom with your partner is consent. You’ll need to make sure that they are totally comfortable with it.

Wait for the right moment. Most of the time, this is not something that is planned in advance, it just happens at the right moment: when both of you are in a great mood, you’re touching each other and getting horny, that’s the time when you should propose doing it in the bathroom.

There has to be a balance. You shouldn’t be reckless and do it in the middle of a crowded area. Your partner needs to feel comfortable enough, and safe, to accept it and enjoy it.

An interesting option is to tip the waiter and tell them your intentions. This will really set up the mood and it’ll be funny as hell!

I’ve had a situation when I used to work at the bar, and one girl who I had a hard-on for came in. She had a couple of drinks and started looking at me flirtatiously. We managed to go to the bathroom unnoticed and had a quicky there. I told my colleague my intentions and he covered for me with some funny excuse.

Situations come and go, it’s your ability to grab on to them which is important. And as we said, there are no particular bad things that can happen from having public sex. Maybe if a police officer is near the area it can become tricky.

And when it comes to casual encounters, you can simply ask your partner whether they’re interested in public sex or not. We have that power! Use a hookup app for expanding the boundaries of casual encounters. Be truthful and straightforward.


You don’t have much room when you’re in a public bathroom but, luckily, there are plenty of ways to make the experience memorable.

As a man, you can lift her up and move her up and down. This is one of the best positions to pleasure a woman. She will have multiple orgasms when you do this.

Sit on the toilet and hold her on top of you with her back facing you.

Have her stand up and slide in behind her. It’s a very practical way of having sex in a public bathroom.

Whatever you do, prepare to put some effort into it, because it’s not your common bedroom sex, which is the best thing about it!

Summing Up

Public sex has a lot of unnecessary things around it, from being forbidden in some countries to being exposed as something particularly bad. In the real world, things are a bit different – it’s an overwhelmingly thrilling experience that you will remember and want to do again.

It can help you become a better lover and more open, give you the pleasure of an adventure. It breaks up the stagnant casual encounters and gives you an interesting story to tell.

To keep it a secret, you should have a plan on how to approach it. By examining the restaurant, you should be able to see whether it has locks on bathroom doors and if it’s too crowded. Keep your clothes on and try to be silent while doing it.

Always make sure your partner is comfortable and gives you an enthusiastic consent.

And lastly, enjoy every second of it!