Nowadays, we can access various information sources and learn lots about sex and our bodies, but the more information we have, the more information we’ll try to apply in practice.

That’s one of the reasons why the hookup culture has become much more common among different generations these days. Besides, everyone has a customized explanation for jumping into bed with strangers.

As technology developed, affecting various spheres of our lives, it also fundamentally changed the hookup culture. Using dating apps, we can chat with people with comparable interests and find dates easier than earlier. Although it seems fine, after you enter the world of online dating, you’ll realize how difficult it can actually be.

On the other hand, for those uninterested in online dating, friends are always great matchmakers. Furthermore, finding dates in real life is still the safest option, but no one can guarantee that we’ve bumped into someone reliable enough, especially if we’re talking about one-night stands.

When it comes to real relationships, searching for a partner might take a little bit longer, but it’s simpler. Having enough time to determine if someone is reliable enough is a mitigating circumstance. Casual relationships are way different.

In some occasions, you’ll have only a few minutes to determine if someone is normal enough for you to invite them into your apartment for a round of sex. Physical attraction will always be the trigger, but can’t guarantee that you’ll enjoy casual sex.

With all challenges in mind, we prepared some tips that include the entire circle of a casual sex relationship. We’ll start with difficult dates and see what can go wrong.

All the Types of Difficult Dates You’ll Experience as a Casual Sex Enthusiast

Different Kinds of People

The easiest way to go is to invite a well-known person or even an acquaintance to your home. If your choice for occasional casual sex is your friend with benefits, you have already finished half of the job, so you shouldn’t complain. You’ll probably regret it sooner or later, but at least you’ll avoid going on a date with some freak just to satisfy your need for sex.

One-night stands often can lead to a casual sex relationship. In such a case, the first date is switched with sex, which is cooler than it appears.

If a couple is compatible in bed, the chances that they’ll develop some kind of sex-based relationship are huge. Apart from saving time and money, you’ll also avoid all the catastrophes caused by faulty swipes on Tinder.

Well, if you aren’t lucky enough to have a chance to sexually interview your possible casual partner before the first date, you might experience some of the following difficulties.


You’ll exchange a few texts with your hookup to get to know them a bit before meeting up, but the chances that you’ll be disappointed on the first date are higher than you can imagine. Opinion Matters, a global research agency, conducted a survey about online honesty. Well, the results are alarming.

According to this study, 53% of 1000 participants admitted that they were lying in their profile on dating apps. Moreover, 20% revealed that they used photos of their younger selves. Also, 40% of the total number of male respondents said that they were lying about their financial status.


Regardless of whether you are searching for your possible hookups online or anywhere else, at some point, you’ll undoubtedly meet someone from this category. It’s true that a no-strings-attached relationship is all about sex, but come on! People from this category will talk dirty, their behavior will scare you to death, and you’ll probably delete your dating app as soon as you return home.


Romantics are still better than perverts, but if you were clear that you are looking for a casual sex partner before you went on a date, then romantics will probably irritate you almost as much.

Being sexually active and single at the same time involves some commitment issues, which implies that a long-term relationship isn’t possible for you at the time. If someone has a hard time understanding this and respecting your boundaries, then you should bail on them.


Casual sex can boost our egos and our self-esteem, but sometimes, lots of casual sex can make arrogant idiots of us all. Those too self-important people will make you feel miserable, and that will be a sign for you to quit.

If the level of mutual physical attraction overrides your common sense, you can have trial sex – something like a one-night stand, but nothing more than that. If casual sex can’t help you feel better physically and emotionally, there’s no point to it.

Well, if you have been dating for a while, you surely know what we’re talking about. On the other hand, if you have never been in such an awkward situation, you’re the luckiest person on the globe. However, you’ll surely match up with someone and have casual sex partners, but it’s time to set some boundaries and learn when to say that it’s over.

The lack of emotions in no-strings-attached relationships is definitely a benefit, but there are too many other clues which should warn you that your casual relationship is out of control.

When is Time to Say Goodbye to Your Casual Sex Partner

Say Goodbye to Your Partner

Nothing can last forever and casual sex relationships aren’t an exception. Unlike long-term relationships, those sex-based ones aren’t meant to be permanent. Starting from only a few hours to a few years, no one can really say when a casual sex relationship naturally exhausts itself.

However, with the right approach, clear boundaries, mutual respect, and good communication, a casual relationship can end up lasting an incredibly long time.

Obligations included in real relationships don’t exist in the casual ones, but there are still some rules that affect how healthy a casual relationship will be. In the case you break some of these rules, you should move on and leave your casual partner behind.

So, let’s start with some warning signs!

The Lack of Respect

A casual relationship is casual only because the couple has no obligations to each other, but the lack of responsibilities doesn’t mean less respect. Both sides must be satisfied. The respect we’re talking about is the willingness to appreciate the other person’s time, privacy, needs, and requirements.

If you start noticing that your partner is too selfish to appreciate your time and effort, there is nothing left to do than to quit. If the lack of respect appears at the beginning of your relationship, it’s even easier. But for those who’ve been involved in a no-strings-attached relationship for a while, things might get a little bit more complicated.


Jealousy is a problem of people involved in long-term relationships, and there is no reason for such behavior in a casual sex relationship.

If your partner becomes skeptical and suspicious, that doesn’t mean that you are too good in bed, but that you are dealing with an obsessive person. Possessiveness isn’t something that just goes away, and that’s a good reason for quitting.

Moreover, if you are ready to endure such behavior, maybe it’s the perfect moment to invest your time in a more serious relationship.

Of course, jealousy has levels and levels, but even the smallest amount of suspicion in a casual sex relationship can grow into a big problem. WARNING 10/10!


Casual sex is meant to be occasional sexual intercourse between two sexually attracted people, and nothing more than that! If you start feeling any pressure, that’s a big warning. We have already established that casual sex relationships don’t imply commitment, and if your partner starts requiring more than you can handle, run before you become a victim of your own desire for pleasure.

Controlling Behavior

If your casual partner starts showing manipulative behavior, tell them goodbye! People quit even the most serious long-term relationships when they feel that they are being controlled, which means that you shouldn’t waste your time trying to fix something that can’t be fixed.

The simplest and most representative example of controlling behavior in casual sex relationships is managing the partner’s decisions.

For example, if you decide to spend a night with your friends rather than with your casual sex partner, and your decision results in aggression, and then you quit all your plans to satisfy your partner’s needs, you are a victim of controlling behavior. In case that happens frequently, you should know that your situation is alarming.

The Lack of Satisfaction

Unsatisfied Woman

If a casual sex relationship isn’t based on mutual satisfaction anymore, then it shouldn’t survive. The primary goal of casual sex is the unbelievable pleasure! Casual sex should be your pressure-relief valve. You should leave your partner’s apartment with the biggest smile on your face. The purpose of no-strings-attached relationships is to make us forget about all the problems.

If your partner can’t give you that pleasure and accomplish your weirdest sexual requirements, you should look for a new partner. The situation won’t become any better in the future, so you shouldn’t waste your time.


Sooner or later, you’ll enter that phase of dullness. If you get trapped in a routine, your sex will become dull too. Luckily, the situation can become better if you try something new or if you find some more exciting places for sex, but if you don’t become creative, your relationship will lose any excitement.

However, if you aren’t optimistic enough to invest your time into a dull relationship, that’s understandable. You deserve all the fun, so move on and experiment!

The Disappearance of Physical Attraction

Physical attraction is crucial for getting busy with someone, and that’s why it should be present during the entire casual sex relationship, whether it’s a short-term one or one that lasts for a while.

However, if the physical attraction decreases over time, you should stop torturing yourself and continue your search until you find someone ready to fulfill all the aspects of a perfect casual partner!

The Appearance of Feelings

Feelings are the biggest enemy of each relationship without obligations. If you start noticing that you have some emotions for your casual sex partner, someone might get hurt (probably you). Due to the appearance of feelings, you might change your attitude and start doing something you otherwise wouldn’t.

If you’ve been having casual sex for long enough, you can talk to your partner or try to figure out if those feelings are mutual. Some casual sex relationship can develop into something more serious, so if both of you are interested, give it a shot.

So, there are only two possible outcomes – taking a chance and trying to develop something more serious or breaking up. Whatever you decide, be careful!

The Bottom Line

Although we have established that casual sex relationships aren’t always simple, we shouldn’t ignore all the benefits. If we put aside the fact that you might spend a lot of time until you find a partner that is respectful, kind, experienced, and attractive at the same time, you’ll realize how beneficial casual sex can actually be.

If you start enjoying casual sex instead of spending your days of freedom alone, you’ll be much happier. Casual sex will help you forget about all the problems because it relieves stress, which will have a powerful impact on your mental health. Moreover, your no-strings-attached partner will boost your ego, and everything will become simpler.

In case you notice any of the warning signs above, it’s time for a change. You shouldn’t quit casual sex, but you should change your partner and find someone more suitable. Hope that you’ll find out what works for you!