Everything You Need To Know To Hook Up On Lucky

First of all, thanks for using the app. It means a lot to us. Now, let’s get you hooked up.

In case you don’t know by now, Lucky is totally anonymous. We don’t want your number, your Facebook login, your email address, or anything. It’s not our business, and it’s nobody else’s. (Unless you want to to be; more on that in a minute). Heck, we don’t even do a username, let alone a bio. We believe in the power of visuals.

But that puts a huge emphasis on the picture you pick. This is going to be the only thing a person sees when they’re deciding whether to swipe right on you, so make it count. Not only do you want a shot that makes you look amazing (don’t be afraid to confer with some trusted advisors for this), but let your personality shine through. Show yourself having what your definition of “fun” is. Clubbing? Skydiving? Netflix-and-chilling? Go for it.

So, now, you’re ready to swipe. That’s it. When you swipe right on somebody, and they swipe right on you, we call that a match. At this point, you’ve got three hours to initiate a conversation with that person, or they’re gone forever.

But when you do start a conversation, we provide everything you need to have it. Text, audio, video, pictures and audio files are all supported in the app, and because you didn’t give us your number, it’s totally anonymous. Diving into a video chat straight at the start is super-easy, if that’s part of your game, and all that.

Things are going well with your match, and you decide to meet up, probably at some public place close to one of your homes. Coffeeshops or bars are always a good bet, and it’s never a bad thing to have an easy out if this person isn’t who you imagined they would be.

But if they are? Have fun. You don’t need us to help you any more, you smooth player. But for real — wear protection, because STIs are stupid.

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