A lot of things have changed since the 2000s onward. The way we think, what we eat, how we live. The same happened with hookups. The way we find partners, the way we treat them, as well as our expectations. Even though online dating was around for more than 25 years, back in the 90s it was really hard to find a good online dating site that would provide potential hookups.

One of those dating websites was Match.com, one of the most popular dating websites in the 90s. Still, not many people knew about it at the time and it was more of an exception to hook up with someone using an online dating website than a rule.

Well, today, it’s quite different. It became more common for people to find dates online in the 2000s but today, it’s completely normal. In fact, if you are not using services like Tinder or Lucky, you will probably be met with distrust and confusion.

The first thing that changed so obviously is that people are completely relying on such services to provide them with high-quality hookups that will most certainly result in what they really want. What was once completely new and strange is totally normal today. Hookups used to be very occasional – you could say that it was an isolated case that varied from person to person, but it’s no longer so.

Today, when you want to hook up with someone for whatever reason, you can go on Lucky and similar dating apps where thousands of members and users are looking for the same thing as you.

If you ask people who use such dating apps about where you could possibly find a person to hook up with, they would probably say something like: “You don’t need to find them, they will find you through a dating app.” Just log in, upload a picture of yourself, identify your gender, and find a match.

So, it’s safe to say that a new standard of hookup behavior has emerged where all you need is a dating app and you are good to go.

The Number of Sexual Encounters Has Increased

Intimate relationships are no longer a thing. In fact, most of the dating app users are people who are in relationships and are looking for sexual encounters without any strings attached. Sex without obligation has become a normal thing.

Back in the day, there were some dating websites but the rules were very strict. There were all sorts of things you needed to do before you could get a chance to actually find someone to hook up with. Today, things are much simpler. Dating apps such as Tinder or Lucky give you the ability to find a match and arrange an instant hookup within hours.

Dating apps have advanced and evolved in every sense of the word. So, with all this in mind, it’s safe to say that traditional dating has been easily replaced by what is known today as the hookup culture. With the arrival of this new phenomenon, the following result would normally be a largely increased number of sexual encounters.

The whole point of hooking up is to have sexual encounters.

Hooking up was largely popular among younger people, but today there are no rules. All the adults are enjoying it as well. The very notion that you can have sex with a total stranger without endangering your personal data and identity and with absolutely no expectations and obligations, makes hooking up very attractive and, therefore, dating apps have never been more popular.

What Happens During Hookups

When it comes to more frequent sexual encounters, it’s evident that in the last few years, the number of these encounters has rapidly grown because of the new hookup culture. That’s largely due to the fact that people today are actually looking for casual sex when they mention hooking up. In fact, today to hook up means to have casual sex without any expectations of a relationship.

Some hookup apps offer a chance of finding romance, relationship, and love while others are encouraging you to have casual sex and explore your sexuality. Whatever your kink may be, everything is available and within arm’s reach.

dating on the hookup apps

For example, Tinder used to be a platform where you could find a perfect match and arrange a date to have casual sex. In the meantime, something changed and the users are now more focused on finding real dates, romance, relationships and, eventually, true love.

On the other hand, hookup apps like Lucky offer straightforward action, plain and simple. Find a match, start a sex chat and hook up within just hours. At the beginning of the 2000s, this was unthinkable. Both dating apps are giving positive results and people are mostly satisfied with the outcomes.

Today, even the way we look at sexuality has changed greatly. No one is talking about their sex and love life with their partners, but they are emphasizing good times with a casual date. Hookups will either end with casual sex or they won’t and people tend to develop all kinds of feelings during hookups, even serious emotions. There are cases when a hookup thing turns into something much more.

Most of the time, hookups result in intercourse according to all the recent studies. Maybe this was not the case in the past, but it is today.

The Way People Meet

People tend to do all sorts of things to meet other people they find attractive. Before the 2000s when hooking up was a rare thing, people used to go out to clubs and parties, especially house parties, where they used to hook up with someone they find attractive.

In time, and with the appearance of fast Internet and social networks, they started using their online accounts to create their own hookup opportunities. Today, the way people meet has changed just like anything else.

If they want to find someone to hookup with, all they have to do is get a computer or a smartphone, install a dating app such as Lucky or Tinder and they are good to go. After providing some of the necessary personal information, they can start swiping for a perfect match. When they find a match, they start chatting and arrange a date. It’s as simple as that.

Within a few hours, you can find a date and get a sexual adventure that no one has to know about. The reason these dating apps are so successful is that they offer complete anonymity.

Therefore, the users are more relaxed and feel free to explore things they never got the chance to explore before. When you look at things like that, it’s more than obvious that a lot has changed since the 2000s. People changed too.

Things that were weird before are normal now – 20 years ago saying that you are gay was not that easy as it is today, let alone surfing the net, searching for people who want to have sex with strangers without any strings attached.

People used to get married to have sex in the past but today, having sex with someone you met online is completely normal. It went so far that meeting people for sex in real time became weird because there are dating apps that you can use for that. Which brings us to the next very important thing.

How People Feel After a Hookup

casual encounters sex

Now that’s a real question that each and every single person asked themselves before they decided to use a dating app to find a potential hookup. Individual feelings are quite different, ranging from the most positive ones to the negative ones.

Bad experiences are fewer, to be honest, as most of the people who are into hookups are quite satisfied with the results. A very small number of people felt uncomfortable, confused, disappointed and regretful after a hookup.

Most of them, however, who had positive experiences felt proud, satisfied, and happy while some stated that it really felt good and reinvigorating to be wanted and aroused by a complete stranger who is a slave to their desire. It all depends on the reasons why they are doing it.

If you are doing it for the wrong reasons and are not sure of yourself, you will probably feel bad afterward. On the other hand, if you are completely sure of yourself and you have all the good reasons to do it, completely free of any emotional risk and with a clear picture in your head about what you have to do and why, the chances for having a good time greatly increase.

So, it all comes down to individual choices. Random hookups include physical and emotional risks. Taking proper precautions is wholeheartedly recommended, as well as treating your partners with respect for the maximum effect. Just because it’s casual, it doesn’t mean you have to mistreat your partners.

Be attentive and caring and good things will come your way for sure. The truth is, if you really want to feel good about it, avoid commitment, overthinking and getting emotionally attached unless you have a lot of good reasons to do so or both of you have the same feelings.

Places Where People Do Their Hookups

Now, people find their hookups on platforms such as dating apps like Tinder, Lucky, and so on. After a chat, they can meet, hook up, and have a good time. The places they go vary greatly but most of the time, they go for a few drinks, have a fun chat, and go to their wanted destination.

People rent rooms in hotels and hostels, go to their places or use any other available possibilities. Since these hookups mostly happen near your location, it can even be your place or the place of your partner in crime.

Those who worry that they will be discovered while at it pick more isolated places, like hotels and hostels and other similar options that are far away from where they live. The truth is, any place can be a good place if you have your partner’s consent. Most of the time, people want to feel safe and secure when they are hooking up and on such occasions, the preferred place is usually their own home.

If it happens that you hook up with the same person more than once, these people are more likely to trust you, which makes picking a place much easier than the first time. No one wants to end up in the middle of nowhere with someone they don’t know well. For the first time, the best thing to do is to talk about it with your partner and come to a mutual agreement and everything else will just fall into place by itself.

The sum up

We have been over how hooking up and online dating have evolved with time. From what was unimaginable in the past to how it happens today, it’s safe to say that the hookup culture has evolved a lot and has become more advanced and enhanced.

People and the world changed too and that probably influenced the entire idea of hooking up and having casual sex. Today, it’s completely normal to have a dating app on your phone where you can match up with a lot of potential partners, have a one night stand or something more, and just enjoy the perks of hooking up.

In case you’re thinking about giving it a try, you can do it freely, as today you have so many options to choose from. That’s the beauty of it, things changed so much in less than 20 years. No matter what your true intentions are, you have plenty of opportunity for hookups whenever you feel like it and you don’t need to think about whether the other person will enjoy it, since they want the same as you.