Casual sexual encounters are more and more getting popular. With a couple of studies that had proven how casual sex and sex in general are good things for our well-being, there is no objective reason why you shouldn’t focus on getting more of it in your life. Joy, no stress, new experiences, better body, and a better mindset, are just some things that sex gives you in return.

Everybody enjoys rough, sensitive, horny, kinky sex. Everybody loves sex. But there are some people who haven’t had a sexual experience in a while. Whatever the reason for that unhappy time may be, they’ll need to address some things before engaging in sexual interactions again.

So, are you looking to get back in the game? Expressing yourself, being attractive to others and open for new experiences? Don’t worry, there are ways to bring back that heat you once had in the bedroom with a couple of things to keep in mind.

1. Go On Tons of Dates

Many people put an enormous amount of pressure on themselves when they go on a date. And if the night doesn’t go too well, they are disheartened. Those bad feelings can contribute to a kind of barricade which doesn’t let you move forward, and thus leaves you out of the casual sex world. Our tip for you is: don’t give up, and just do it!

The only way to break any kind of inconvenience is to push yourself to do that particular thing over and over. Tell yourself: “I’m gonna go out there, and have a good time whatever the outcome.”

That way, you’ll slowly boost your confidence and self-esteem. But also, you will learn how people behave on “blind” dates, what they like, and what they want to hear. You can establish a connection between you and other people by watching them and speaking to them.

Tons of dates will encourage you to behave better and to look good. The first impression is an important part of every sexual experience. That is the bridge between you and your partner.

By going on a lot of dates, your social skills will improve and you’ll start leaving a better impression. You’ll get more open and talkative. Soon enough you’ll also find that attractiveness doesn’t only come from being good-looking, it has lots to do with how you express yourself.

For those who are skeptical about whether continuous dating will allow them to develop that effortless sexiness, we have one thing to say: you’ll never know until you try it. As a matter of fact, you don’t have anything to lose. There are no hookups and booty calls on your menu.

The first step for you to get back in the game is to get back on the playground. You are forgotten at first, but soon you’ll be recognized. Explore and don’t give up!

2. Use Dating Apps

“Oh… but I don’t really like dating apps…” Yes, but dating apps have one advantage over going out on a real date – they are harsh (in a good way) and straightforward. You like me, I like you, we get together and spend a great time. There are no games around the question “You wanna do it?” Plain and simple, you see someone who attracts you, they like you back and the two of you have an opportunity to express that connection.

There’s nothing wrong with that! It’s totally alright to agree on getting a mutual benefit and going your separate ways. If you are trying to get back into casual experiences, dating apps are an important tool for you to use. Yes, look at them as a tool. They only help you do things you want to do faster and easier.

Lucky Hookup App

And while we are on the subject of dating apps, I should mention my favorite and the most successful app, Lucky. It’s nice to know that you have an app that is so easy and intuitive. It’s best for those who’ve become a little rusty. You just swipe right or left, depending on whether you like the person or not, and that’s it!

But you may be asking – why should I use Lucky, when I can use Tinder? Because Tinder has become more of a relationship site. It’s the type of place where people are not particularly serious about and committed to casual sex. A funny thing to say, committed to casual sex. But it’s true!

It’s someone who knows their limits and boundaries, their desires and needs. People on Lucky know what to do, and how to do it.

And how you present yourself on the dating app is important, just like on a real date. Keep your pics updated, your biography brief, and your communication short and to the point. Dating apps and real dates will give you a big advantage and fill that missing note which you have lost during a committed relationship.

3. Tell Yourself and Others What You’re Looking For

Come on, let’s be honest. After a time of celibacy, you won’t be able to just go out there and have a blast. If you don’t think things through, it can get really tough. Emotions, needs, boundaries, are only some things you have to rethink with yourself.

If the aim is casual sex then be sure to know what that means. So what is casual sex?

Casual sex is sexual intercourse in which both sides agree to have an intimate time together without getting serious. That means you get laid but not attached. And this last part “not attached” can sometimes be tricky.

What will happen when you hook up with a person after a long period of celibacy, and you find yourself really, truly liking them? You get those butterflies in your stomach and a big desire to meet that person again. But they already know their limits and needs. Your partner doesn’t want to have anything remotely resembling a relationship. And you’ve found yourself in a dead spot. This should never happen.

Tell yourself what you want. Why are you doing it? Do you have any other reasons that are unclear to you? These types of question are vital for your success in casual sex. Without them, getting in all wild-like will only get you hurt.

The rule for casual sex goes: have a great time and a memorable experience. That’s the whole point of casual encounters. If you don’t do that, you’re in the wrong section of sexual interactions.

Also, express your intentions to your partner. Don’t be shy. Just because you haven’t done it in a while doesn’t mean that you are allowed to hide your intentions. Anybody who has ever had a casual sexual experience knows how frustrating it can be when your partner is all shadowy and arrogant. Just be honest and know your boundaries and limits – that’s all!

Here you can see the pros and cons of casual sex if you are interested in having more material to work with.

4. Explore and Desire

This tip is an important thing to know because it helps in every situation that revolves around sex. You need to have an adventurous mind. You have to explore and love every aspect of it in doing so.

Finding a casual sex combination can be an interesting road if you want to travel on it. It has many possibilities that you’ve never thought about and can lead you to unexplored areas and expectations.

Expect the unexpected. You can meet someone in a grocery store or while you’re paying bills. The possibilities are everywhere, you just need to want it, desire it. The law of attraction states that if you think about something strong enough, it will happen.

New encounters, new experiences, so many things to learn if you are willing to participate.

lonely and desired girl

5. Be Provocative

Yes, be provocative. Wear the kind of clothes that give an insight into what you’re looking for. Talk and look like you want to have a blast tonight.

This really attracts people. Their horniness will come out and the chemistry will be provided just like that. And it’s very easy. Practice a good posture, be funny, be good-looking, and use awesome pickup lines. Heck, it will work eventually and it will be interesting.

If you aren’t happy with your body, then start exercising! Then the gym can also become an area of casual encounters. When people see what you want, and if it’s honest, you’ll look attractive. Getting back in the game has never been easier.

6.Don’t Be Mean

Getting in the no-committed area is not the excuse to be mean and rude to your partner. They are a person and should be treated with respect. You’ll not gonna get too far on your way of casual sexiness if you are not being nice to your partners. Nobody likes jerks.

Even though there are no emotional strings attached in your relationship, you should always try to be respectful. Your reputation is an important accessory as well. Since will most likely be meeting partners who are from your town, people can get to know “that guy/girl who only cares about himself/herself”.

You are not getting anything from being a jerk. It only lowers your level of sexiness. And since you most likely won’t ever see them again, why not show how great of a person you can be. Provide them with a night that they will remember and look upon with joy.

By being nice and respectful, you’ll get people to like you and put in a good word for you. They can open up to you and feel comfortable. The crucial part of the casual encounter is that it’s comfortable for both parties. And you can’t achieve that by being selfish, arrogant, and impolite.

So, care for your partner as long as you are with them.

7. Make an Effort to Look Good

Even though looks are not the only thing that contributes to casual sexiness, they can’t be forgotten. If you keep your clothes neat and hair well nurtured, your chances will be increased. With that confidence as well.

People like when they see a person who cares about their look. It’s the kind of trigger button that helps the interaction progress. Always wear clean clothes, brush your teeth, and keep your beard (if you are a man) tidy. Ladies love that!

You can also bring an extra T-Shirt or deodorant if you get sweaty from all the moving around in bed.

These things do help a ton and are a must.

Summing Up

Sometimes it can be hard to get back on track when you haven’t been active, and it’s frustrating. A sense of fear and insecurity can occur when you think of sex and meeting a person who will be glad to sleep with you.

But have no fear! Following these tips will help you achieve and bring back that sexiness. Going on dates, being online, knowing what you want and how you want it, having an adventurous mind, and being good-looking and provocative are strong elements that push your sex appeal to the top. And, of course, don’t be mean, because if you are you’ll throw all the great work you’ve done down the drain.

Good luck on your journey of casual sexiness, and keep it horny!