Do you ever think about the types of relationships you’re involved in from time to time? Our need to define stuff and put a label on things will never disappear. Instead of letting things develop naturally, especially when it’s about relationships, we try to predict the future and play it safe.

Sex with no obligations is sex with no obligations, no matter how you try to define it. There are various types of casual sex, but the following two types are the most common – one-night stands and long-term casual sex relationships. At the very first glance, the difference is obvious. The first option lasts for one night and the second is still casual, but it’s more like a real relationship.

However, after you step into the stigma-free world filled with entertainment, you’ll realize that sometimes determining the type of casual sex relationships isn’t that bad.

Based on your needs, you should get involved only in relationships that can bring you pleasure and fun. Sometimes, even casual relationships can make you confused and lost.

We’ve prepared a list of differences between one-night stands and long-term casual sex relationships to help you get what you want without being hurt or misunderstood.

1# Difference – The Duration

As you can assume, one-night stands are sexual encounters with strangers (mostly) that last for one night, never longer.

On the other hand, casual sex relationships can last much longer, and that’s why we can define them like long-term casual relationships. Of course, casual sex relationships that last even a few years have nothing in common with classic long-term relationships, but we’ve already talked about that.

Sometimes, a one-night stand can be a foundation for a casual sex relationship, but that happens rarely, only if both sides had so much fun that they want to repeat it. That relates to a common issue – is only one night (or a few hours) enough to determine if someone can satisfy us sexually?

Well, definitely not!

That just led us to the next item on the list.

2# Difference – The Level of Entertainment

Sex Entertainment

While a long-term casual sex relationship comes down to booty calls once or twice a week without spending any quality time together, the situation with one-night stands differs. If you prefer one-night stands rather than anything with the prefix “long-term”, the chances that you’ll have fun every weekend while having sex with different partners are greater.

You’re in the club having fun with your friends and, suddenly, there’s a spark between you and a random person from the club – that’s how one-night stands begin.

That’s a great chance to have no-strings-attached sex, wake up in the middle of the night, go home, and memorize the entire event somewhere in your brain. That happens once, and you probably won’t meet your one-night hookup ever again. It’s a great story.

On the other hand, if you somehow exchange phone numbers or you start following each other on Instagram, you’ll probably find yourself in the following situation: it’s Saturday night, you have no plans, you’re horny and bored, and of course, you’re scrolling through your Instagram followers or contacts because you’re searching for some fun.

Well, it’s time for a booty call! If you choose to invite your one-night hookup for a cup of sex, your relationship might develop into something that happens more frequently.

3# Difference – The routine

Casual sex and routine in the same sentence, really?! Well, yes. Booty calls can become a routine. That’s how long-term casual sex relationships were born!

Although routine is a silent killer of each long-term relationship, getting stuck into the routine with a one-night stand is a lot different. Frequent booty calls imply that you’re both physically attracted to each other and that you have good sex each time.

Unlike one-night stands or long-term relationships, long term no-strings-attached relationships are a great base for exploring. It’s clear that you won’t be relaxed enough to ask someone you just met for weird and kinky things, while that’s exactly the purpose of long term casual sex relationships.

The appearance of the routine in casual sex relationships leads to even better sex without feelings. Since there are no emotions involved, you can ask for literally everything you like behind the closed doors of your bedroom, without any concerns that you will hurt your partner’s feelings.

Moreover, long term casual sex relationship gives you space to have sex regularly, although you aren’t in a relationship.

If you get stuck in a routine with your casual sex partner, that’s also a sign that you’ll never feel cheap, no matter what you’re doing together.

4# Difference – Satisfaction

sex satisfaction

Frequent casual sex intercourses with the same person indicate that you’re enjoying, but things with one-night stands are different. When you meet a random person willing to spend a night with you, you have no idea how experienced that person is.

The largest number of partners usually means the greater experience, but you can’t know what to expect before it happens.

The world of one-night stands is risky because you might realize that you’re wasting your time and adding just another dash on the list of your no-strings-attached partners if someone disappoints you. And trust me – someone will disappoint you sooner or later.

The lack of experience isn’t the only concern. If someone attracts you physically in the nightclub at first glance, that definitely doesn’t mean that you’ll prefer that person without clothes. Let’s say that girls can understand what I’m talking about.

Long term casual sex relationships can ensure entertainment and pleasure. Fun is guaranteed!

5# Difference – Some People Just Can’t Handle the Monotony

Although casual sex relationships lack the monotony included in long relationships, long-term casual sex relationships are too much for some people, and they try to break that routine by hooking up with one-night stands. Well, one-night stands are obviously the most dynamic relationships ever.

As I mentioned, the satisfaction isn’t always guaranteed, but the new experience is, whether it’s a positive or a negative one. Simply put, some people are rather excited if they can have sex with various people than having the best ”routine” with a no-strings-attached partner.

Having different one-night stands is a great option for those with a hunger for experiments and exploring because each new partner brings a brand new experience. If no-strings-attached relationships aren’t exciting enough to fet your attention, one-night stands are the best option for you.

Moreover, while people are involved in long term casual sex relationships, they often worry whether they can satisfy their partner’s needs all the time or vice versa.

However, one-night stands can bring us more freedom. If you make a mistake or just it’s not your day, you don’t have to worry that you’ll disappoint a person you’ll never see again. The only problem that might arise from that situation is a decreased reputation.

6# Difference – The Level of Safety


Well, safety is an issue related to any kind of a relationship, but we’ll try to include various types of security.

Let’s start gradually. Before sexual intercourse, you have to find a partner. If you’re having casual sex with your friend with benefits or someone you know profoundly, you’re safe. On the other hand, no one can guarantee you that your one-night stand isn’t a maniac or a serial killer.

So, it’s very important to estimate the entire situation before you go home with a stranger. Sometimes, that risk of the unknown is a trigger for a higher amount of pleasure, but don’t leave your comfort zone without making sure that you’re safe.

The second type of security is directly related to sexual intercourse, and we can freely say that casual sex relationships lead again in comparison with one-night stands. Your fuck buddy is surely the safer option than a stranger, and you can be more relaxed.

The use of protection is implied in both situations, but the chances that you’ll get STDs from a random person are much higher. Moreover, you can talk with your casual sex partner about protection and birth control, while that kind of conversation with a stranger might be awkward.

Also, you should avoid alcohol, or at least you shouldn’t get wasted before you invite a stranger to your apartment because it can reduce your power of judgment, resulting in another mistake. You don’t want to tell your child that it’s the result of a broken condom or, worse yet, that it’s a consequence of a wild night under the influence of alcohol.

7# Difference – The Volume of Closeness

Although long-term casual sex relationship lacks feelings, a long term no-strings-attached relationship still implies some kind of closeness. That closeness doesn’t relate to romantic emotions, but it’s important for setting some ground rules.

For example, although having more than one casual sex partner isn’t cheating, some level of trust is necessary for a successful casual sex relationship, especially if it’s been going on for a while.

The mentioned closeness usually grows into a friendship, which is also a good base for good sex without obligations. Simply put, it’s clear that casual sex partners are using each other for sex, but if they can build some type of friendship with benefits, things can run smoother than earlier.

The situation with one-night stands is significantly different, as partners don’t have enough time to meet each other and develop their relationship into something that includes different types of entertainment besides the sex.

Of course, some people don’t have control of their desires, and that’s the point where any type of emotions, even if these emotions are on a friendly-basis, can ruin the entire deal.

Fun is the only thing that matters while you’re in a casual relationship, and that’s exactly why you should learn how not to ruin the casual sex deal.

8# Difference – The Amount of Post-Sexual Awkwardness

sexy girl

Well, this isn’t actually a difference, but it’s more like a situation that can affect both types of relationships to a certain extent. The level of post-sexual awkwardness primarily depends on you, but I’ll try to explain this issue.

The chances that an awkward situation will appear after sex with a stranger are huge. If you do or say something, you might feel dull or ashamed. However, since you probably won’t see your one-night hookup again, the chances that you will not care are also huge.

Long-term casual sex relationships are also a terrain suitable for awkwardness. You also might say or request something that will make you feel embarrassed, but you’ll probably behave like nothing has happened if you want to continue enjoying all the pleasure which arises from long-term casual sex.

The bottom line

At the very first sight, there isn’t a significant difference between one-night stands and long term casual sex relationships, apart from the latter being an ongoing thing, a long string of hookups. However, although the purposes and goals are the same, these two types of relationships are incredibly inconsistent.

Whether you prefer one-night stands or long-term casual sex relationships, you should always have in mind that all sex with no obligations should last as long as you can achieve pleasure, satisfaction, and entertainment.

If you can control your feelings and have lots of sex without being hurt or hurting others, you have no reasons to worry. If you think that you’re mature enough for this kind of entertainment, nothing should stop you.

Wish you lots of luck and orgasms!