Whether you’re in a committed relationship, or want to hook up with a random hottie, finding the right spot to do it could be hard. You might be living with roommates who don’t understand the concept of the sock on the doorknob, or it could be that you just want to get out of the bedroom.

While comfortable, having sex in your own bed gets dull with time, so to keep things interesting, get out of your comfort zone, and heat things up someplace else.

Here are some of the best locations to have exhilarating casual sex that’ll have your head spinning for hours.

sex in bathroom


If you’re not entirely comfortable leaving your home to hook up, just changing the room where you do it can make things more interesting.

One of the sexiest locations is the bathroom – there are just so many things you could do there, and having a large mirror can let you take in the view. The shower, for example, is always a favorite. The hot water running down your body, everything wet and steamy, your moans muffled by the sound of running water… no wonder so many people fantasize about shower sex!

A more romantic option could be sex in a bathtub. Light up a few candles, put on some sexy jazz, dim the lights, and enjoy the company of your partner.

For those interested in something more energetic, your washing machine or dryer could really keep things moving. The wash cycle gives you some added vibrations and can keep things really hot. You can experiment with different positions as well.

You could try sitting or lying on the machine with him standing, or he could be the one sitting, with you on top while you wrap your legs around him.

sex in a public bathroom

Public Restroom

You’ve seen all those movies where the characters have had one too many, and decided to hook up in a restroom of a club or a restaurant. It seems so hot and spontaneous, and it’s a big fantasy for many of us.

More often than not, hooking up in a public bathroom is completely spontaneous, so if you suggest this idea to your casual sex partner, they’ll think you’re exciting and unpredictable. So, get the courage to go for it! Having sex in a public restroom makes for a great story, and it’ll be something you’ll always remember with a smile on your face, even if you get caught!

And getting caught is, quite frankly, part of the thrill. It gives you an adrenaline rush when you’re scared that someone might see you, and when you combine that adrenaline with the excitement of getting laid – it makes for an entirely unique and exhilarating experience.

However, while restroom sex is usually unplanned, it’s always best to come prepared. You cannot really just go to any restroom and do it. Scan the places beforehand, find the one where you have the lowest chances of getting caught, and then go for it!

casual sex in sauna


Is there anything hotter than having some nice, steamy sexy time in a sauna? I’d say probably not. And since you’re not very likely to have a sauna at home (or are you?), you’ll probably have access to it at the gym or a spa.

As with other public locations, sex at a sauna has that added excitement. Could someone walk in and see me? What if I get caught? That increased tension just makes everything so much more exciting!

Exercise and the heat from the sauna have already elevated your blood flow, so the feeling in your extremities is heightened, and love-making becomes more sensual. You’re both already hot and sweating, and there’s nothing sexier than sweat beads dripping down your body.

A word of caution however, the heat from the sauna can make you feel dizzy and lightheaded, and if you get too excited it can lead to fainting. To avoid that, it’s better to keep things simple, so don’t experiment too much with the positions.
The best sex position for a sauna is with both of you facing the door, you sitting down on the bench, and she’s sitting in your lap.


There’s something about office sex that makes you horny just thinking about it. Breaking the rules, hiding from other coworkers, finding the best and most convenient location. It’s adventurous, exciting, and can be a nice way to end a hard day’s work.

You can find some great places for hooking up in an office, just be sure to stay away from the security cameras and prying eyes, because it’s all fun and games until someone gets fired!

Now that you’ve mapped out your office, grab that sexy coworker, or the hot delivery guy that you’ve been eyeing, and get naughty! Office parties give you a great opportunity to hook up with that cutie from the 3rd floor. While everyone’s drinking, sneak out to the supply closet, press them against the filing cabinet, and start your office fling.

Another great location for a hookup is the conference room. Bend over the table, or lay on top of it. Make use of those office chairs – there’s a reason they’re built for optimal support and comfort.

Early morning meetings won’t be as boring when you remember what you did in that room during your last office party.

casual sex in the movie theater

Movie Theater

Going to the movie theater is great for a first date, and it’s also great for a hookup! Dimmed lights, everyone looking forward at the screen, if you’re a thrill-seeker and want to have sex in a public place, this is the location for you. Just watch out and try not to get caught! It’s risky getting frisky in the movie theater, but if done right it can be a hell of a story to tell your friends.

Go to the cinema prepared for the occasion. It’s best to choose a movie no one’s really interested in, so that the place is as empty as possible, and then pick a seat in the back. If all you have behind you is a wall, the chances of getting caught are much lower.

It’s also good to dress “appropriately”. For guys the easiest solution is to wear jeans with no undies, and girls are better off in a skirt or a dress with just a thong, or better yet nothing at all, underneath. You want to have easy access down there, so avoid skinny jeans and layers.

The most you can get from sex at a movie theater is probably just fingering or a hand job, but it’s exciting nonetheless! Keep the noise to a minimum though, you probably don’t want to get kicked out.

casual sex in car

Parked Car

You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried car sex. It’s fun and exciting, and it’s very arousing to just stop on your way to somewhere and get kinky.

Park your car in a private location, turn the engine off, and get the party started. It may seem like there’s not many things you can try in the car, but you can actually get pretty creative in that small space.

The easiest position for car sex is spooning. With both of you laying on your sides, you don’t take up too much space, so you can do it even if your car is pretty small. It’s also a good position to stay relatively hidden from passersby.

If you want to get a bit kinkier, you can use the seatbelts and experiment with some light BDSM. Have your partner in the passenger seat, restrain them with the seatbelt, and go to town.

Another fun option would be on the hood of your car. If you’re in a secluded location and are feeling a bit courageous, hooking up on the hood of your car can be super arousing. As a safety measure it’s best to have a blanket at hand and cover up, so if there’s a passerby they might just think you’re making out.

couple in balcony

Balcony or Your Backyard

If your neighbors don’t have a direct view into your backyard or your balcony, this can be a great opportunity for you to experience the thrill of having sex outdoors without feeling like an exhibitionist.

For balcony sex, the most interesting position could be with the girl leaning against the balcony, and the guy standing behind her. You can keep your clothes on from the waist up, so even if the neighbors get a glance, they’d be none the wiser, as long as you keep your voices down.

Your backyard can offer some interesting positions as well. You could hook up on the porch swing, missionary style is always an option, but if you sit in his lap, you can sway with the swing. You could lay out some towels in the backyard, grab a couple of cocktails, and sunbathe naked as foreplay.

Let things get hot and sweaty by cozying up by the bonfire and spending the night outside. Just keep an eye on that fire, you wouldn’t want to get burned.

couple sitting on bench

Parks and the Woods

Big parks are excellent for spontaneous casual hookups. There are many secluded locations you can take advantage of.
Late evenings are best for park sex because there’s not a lot of foot traffic at that time. During the colder months, this can be a nice way to warm up, and the likelihood of getting caught is minimal.

Sit down on the bench, and have your girl sit in your lap. If it’s colder and she has a long coat, you can use it to cover everything up, so that even if there are some passersby it would look like you’re just in the middle of making out, nothing more.

Now, getting laid in the middle of the woods just sounds so arousing. There’s something primal about getting it on while leaning on a tree, or lying next to a stream and a waterfall. It makes you feel animalistic and naughty, and it can be very liberating.
So, next time you’re meeting up with your casual sex partner, take a walk through a park or go hiking, and spice things up by hooking up outside, it’s only natural.

couple on beach

The Beach

Having casual sex while you’re traveling is an adventure you’ll remember forever. Summer breaks and vacations are the best when you have sexy stories to tell later, and memories that will keep you warm in winter.

Sex on the beach is not just a tasty cocktail that you can sip on at a party, it’s a fantasy come to life. There are some things to keep in mind before you indulge in such an act, though. Sex in the ocean sounds like a lot of fun, but it’s not actually something we’d recommend.

It seems counterintuitive, but the salty water actually messes with the natural lubrication of your body, and that can lead to infections. So, it’s best to just stick to the beach sex, and enjoy the ocean waves only during foreplay.

Now that that’s clear, let’s move on to the fun stuff. Get a large towel to keep the sand away from your unmentionables, and have some fun.

The most inconspicuous way to have sex on the beach is to have the guy sit on the beach chair, and you can sit in his lap, between his legs. Wrap up in your towels, and it will look as though you’re just romantically watching the sunset.

A less subtle position, but not any less enjoyable, is the girl on top. For this, you will want to make sure that the beach is empty, and it’s best done at night. This is the best position if you want to avoid getting sand absolutely everywhere.

And at night, when the lifeguard tower is empty, you can get in and have some mind-blowing sex with relative privacy.

Get out of your bedroom and out of your comfort zone, and try out different locations to keep things interesting for you and your casual sex partner.