Alright. Got it. Match, match, chat, and now, it’s settled. You’re going to meet, and like, soon.

Hold up a sec. Have you gone through your hooking up checklist yet? You don’t have one?! Boy, good thing we’re here.

In all likelihood, you won’t need anything but your sparkling wits and the desire to have a good time. But before you settle in, make sure you’ve taken care of the important stuff, like…

‣ Watching what you eat.
If you’re the spontaneous sort, maybe this is coming a little late. You’ll need your energy, so don’t starve yourself. But if you had Mexican for dinner, well, maybe you shouldn’t have done that. Lesson for next time: keep it light day-of so you feel svelt for a potential hookup that night. (But enchiladas are so gooooddd….)

‣ Text a friend.
Always good to let someone know where you’re heading if you’re doing a blind hookup. Or, if the person is coming over to your place. We’re not trying to kill the buzz, but better safe than sorry. Make sure this is the person you’ll tell the whole story to later on. 🙂

‣ Get grooming.
Shower, make yourself smell nice, and for the love of all that is good, make sure you’re… well groomed. You know what we’re talking about.

‣ Dress the part.
Ladies, pull out the good underwear. Guys, make sure you at least grab a clean pair, and do everyone a favor. And remember: neither of you wants to come off as trashy. Something casual but a little flirty is the best way to go.

‣ Do a few reps.
If you work out, take a minute to do a few crunches or pullups. Something to get a burn going before you head out.

‣ Keep an open mind.
You’re about to hook up, so you’ve got all kinds of ideas going through your head. Just remember to be flexible — things aren’t going to be exactly how they are in your imagination, but if you stay fast and loose, you’ll probably have even more fun!

‣ Set the scene.
You hosting at your place? Make your bedroom fit the occasion. Change the sheets, light some candles, set some mood music, dim the lights… Get the atmosphere going. If you’re going to hook up, might as well make it memorable.

‣ Stock up.
Have some snacks on hand, and maybe some drinks. Something to loosen you both up before and the rehydrate you later.

‣ Stay protected.
This one is a no-brainer, but make sure you’re packing condoms so one of you will have some protection. This person my be hot right now, but you have no idea if they’re going to be a keeper, so just do it.

‣ Have a backup plan.
Sometimes, things just don’t work out. And that’s cool. But if they don’t, come up with a way in advance to politely excuse yourself from this hookup if things start going haywire, just in case you’re caught off-guard.

‣ Pep talk.
Last but not least, give yourself a quick look in the mirror, and do whatever you do to get yourself motivated. Taking a moment to assure yourself that you’re the most amazing person ever and that this hookup is going to be incredible is a great way to unbundle that wad of nerves in your mind. All that’s left is to have some fun!