Casual sex is the fastest growing type of relationship worldwide, and it’s equally represented among various generations, but it’s a fact that young people and college students most often experiment with no-strings-attached relationships.

There are numerous reasons for getting involved in such relationships, including learning about sex, gaining sexual experience, experimenting, and many more, but the main reason for jumping into bed with a stranger is guaranteed fun.

Since the fun and adventure are one of the primary goals of casual sex relationships, we can freely say that women, besides anything else, expect entertainment from casual sex relationships.

The primary purpose of casual sex remains the same both for men and women, but there are other expectations, especially from women. Although it’s all about satisfaction, women often look for some extra benefits and certain characteristics in their casual sex partners.

It’s true that women often forget about some previously set standards so that they can have lots of fun, but it’s also true that they quit casual sex deals if their partners can’t fulfill their expectations.

With all of that in mind, we created a list of ten things women are looking for in a casual sex partner. This mini-guide will help guys learn about casual sex relationships and behavior, while women can find out how to recognize the most suitable casual sex partners.

1. Women like to be asked about what they’re looking for in a hookup

In case of meeting a hookup online, which has become the most popular way, women often like to be asked about their expectations. Lots of questions can ruin everything, but one simple question such as “What are you looking for?” can completely change the situation and attract a girl.

Since everyone reacts differently and has personal requirements and expectations, dating apps can provide you with the opportunity to find a long-term partner, although they’re commonly used for hookups. After you determine that you’re on the same page, your casual sex relationship can begin.

On the other hand, while hooking up in the real world, you should also ask a woman about her expectations. If you don’t achieve satisfying communication at the beginning, you can’t expect further development of your casual sex relationship.

treat women with kindness

2. Women are looking for men who will treat them with kindness and understanding

If you believe that one-night stands are based on wild sex with a stranger, you’re not mistaken. However, casual sex is more than sexual intercourse for a woman. For ladies, the most consequential issues related to casual sex adventures are guilt and feeling cheap.

Since there is no space for negative vibes after casual sex, women are looking for respectful and kind casual sex partners. The main problem is that we don’t have sufficient time to figure out if someone is kind enough before we get involved, especially if it’s about one-night stands. If a one-night stand grows into a casual sex relationship, a woman has enough time to estimate if a guy is good enough.

In this case, women who choose friends for casual sex relationships are the luckiest, since they already know some information about their friends with benefits.

3. Women are usually fascinated by attractive guys

Besides the way our casual sex partners are treating us, we don’t care about their habits or other characteristics. Therefore, another fundamental attribute of casual sex partners is physical appearance.

Since sex is our natural need, the primary factor for increasing the level of chemistry and attraction is improving your physical appearance. Although each woman has a personal taste, guys who care about their physical appearance have a clear advantage.

Although there’s no accounting for taste, there are some physical aspects which can attract almost every woman. Hair or eyes color or height doesn’t matter as much as some other characteristics. Men with well-groomed beards, in top physical form, who wear suitable outfits will attract almost every woman.

If you want to get laid, visit the nearest gym from time to time and keep your hygiene on point.

guys who care about hygiene

4. Women are searching for guys who care about hygiene

Aside from finding someone who is physically attractive, girls prefer to have safe sex without the possibility of getting pregnant.

If sexual intercourse goes wrong, guys can continue on with their lives, but women can be stuck with a baby nine months later. With that in mind, we can’t neglect the importance of protection. Besides birth control, the use of condoms will prevent the transmission of STDs and STIs.

If you are wondering why it’s so important for a man to have condoms all the time, many women feel uncomfortable when they have to pull out condoms from their bags. Wondering why?

Well, guys by default consider that a girl who always has condoms at hand has lots of sex. Unfortunately, that can often cause a woman to feel cheap.

Since casual sex without the use of protection can cause a lot of problems, we have some advice for both men and women: always use protection! But fellas, please don’t forget to buy condoms on a regular basis.

5. Women admire experienced partners

Well, both men and women are looking for experienced casual sex partners, but let’s say that women have higher expectations from casual sex relationships than men. Women are looking for experienced guys who can satisfy our needs.

As fun and entertainment are the goals of casual sex, women expect to learn new stuff about their bodies and sexual needs with the help of their casual sex partners. Only an experienced lover can truly please a woman in bed and broaden her sexual horizons.

An online survey showed that over 80% of the women couldn’t reach orgasm alone, and 72% announced that they had difficulty achieving orgasm with their partners. Other information confirms that almost 3% of women have never had an orgasm.

While there should always be excitement and pleasure during intercourse, women crave powerful orgasms. If a guy knows how to please a woman, there won’t be any problems, but if a man isn’t experienced enough, a woman will remain disappointed until she finds a better lover.

sexual imagination

6. Women prefer to hook up with men who have a great imagination

As achieving orgasm isn’t the only crucial factor for satisfaction, women are also looking for guys who can satisfy their weird and kinky needs. Sometimes, the use of sex toys or other aids can provide a much higher level of pleasure to a woman.

Almost three million the women from Great Britain own a sex toy, and 56% of the women worldwide use vibrators regularly. This is why we can safely assume that during casual sex, women expect men to be familiar with sex toys, light bondage gear, and roleplay.

Unlike long-term relationships, casual sex relationships provide women with the opportunity of experimenting with sex from the beginning. When in serious relationships, women usually wait for a while before they suggest ways to spice up their sex life behind the closed doors of their bedrooms.

7. Only partners who keep things confidential can remain competitive

Although a woman can’t know much about her casual sex partner, it’s essential for a partner to be mature and confident enough to keep what happens to himself.

We like to lean on our partners, especially when it comes to guaranteed confidentiality. Braggarts who frequently talk about their sexual achievements aren’t attractive to women. Moreover, that’s the type of childish, unattractive behavior that experienced women shy away from.

Everyone likes to share some exciting details with their best friends, but if something like that spreads too much, it will again lead to the woman feeling cheap and insecure. So, fellas, if your goal is to have casual sex with numerous women, then start to respect their decisions. The women who felt wrong and immoral after a casual sex adventure often avoid such encounters in the future.

women in bed

8. Casual sex partners must attend to women’s’ fantasies

Women are less comfortable in situations where men reject their fantasies, no matter how weird they are. The US National Library of Medicine recently conducted a survey with exciting outcomes. The survey showed that 66% of women like being dominated by a partner, while 82% have a fantasy that includes an unusual location.

Rejecting a woman’s sexual fantasy can cause decreased sexual attraction, and even her giving up on a casual sex relationship. Although many women who are involved in casual sex relationships are playing it cool, even the tiniest mistake can cause an explosion of piled up feelings.

The US National Library of Medicine conducted another survey ”Gender differences in affective responses to sexual rejection”. The results weren’t surprising. As men are used to being the ones to make the first move they were, therefore, accustomed to getting rejected every now and then, so they had a less negative response to sexual rejection.

9. Women are looking for honest casual sex partners

Although honesty isn’t required in casual sex relationships, women like to know stuff. If you are seeing other people while you’re in a casual sex relationship, just tell that to your partner. A woman looking for casual sex won’t be jealous or controlling, but she will want to know what to expect.

Hooking up with others while in a no-strings-attached relationship isn’t cheating, but having an open conversation can lower the chances of uncomfortable situations occurring.

10. Whether they are in a long-term or casual sex relationship, women are looking for attention

Although it’s hard to put “casual sex” and “romance” in the same sentence, the mentioned survey showed that 92% of the women have emotions for their partners during sexual intercourse. Your goal shouldn’t be satisfying your casual sex partner emotionally, but our recommendation for fellas is to pay some attention and make their partners happy.

One of the essential ways to make a woman happy is to make her feel special. Although your relationship is based on sex without any obligations, if you have casual sex for a while, surprise her with some sexy laundry or something else.

If you decide to buy your casual sex partner a gift from time to time, try to act according to your casual sex relationship status. You’ll find yourself in trouble if a woman misunderstands your signals and asks for something more serious.

The bottom line

Although we believed that women’s sexual fantasies and requirements don’t differ much from men’s expectations of casual sex partners, we can conclude that women are more sophisticated than we thought at first. Looks like no-strings-attached relationships for women involve more attachments than fun and pleasure.

Let’s summarize: women are looking for a casual sex partner who can satisfy their sexual needs without any questioning. They need a man who can attend to their weird fantasies but also treat them with kindness and respect at the same time. This is the kind of man who is experienced enough to include sex toys in their casual sex relationship and buy their partner some sexy laundry, all while keeping some emotional distance.

Sounds too complicated? Well, that’s not all. Women are looking for casual sex partners who will be near all the time, for someone who is honest and careful, but also attractive.

Although there are numerous requirements, no woman can resist a fit guy who is fun and can make them feel great in bed. If you are easy to get along with and can satisfy her sexually, trust me that she will overlook everything else. After all, we are only creatures with animal-like sexual appetites and lust.

An extra tip: don’t spoil her, you are not her long-term partner.