When the early spring arrives, students have only one thing on their minds – spring break. Spring Break is a vacation for the university and high school students traditionally held since the ’30s.

Partying at music festivals, having fun at beach parties, or in the nightclubs, in the warm climate locations such as Florida, Daytona Beach, or Cancun, Mexico is a sufficient reason to get excited. However, spring break brings more to the table.

Thousands of students wait for this annual event year after year, to meet new people, go to parties, and enjoy the warm weather and traditional summer activities, but in the early spring.

Besides lots of fun, such a large number of young people at the same place results in new friendships, as well as one-night stands, lots of casual sex, no-strings-attached relationships, or, in one word – hookups. With that in mind, here are the pros and cons, as well as dos and don’ts of a spring break hookup!

Sexual Behavior on Spring Break Vacations

Spring Break Vacations

Spring break is a place where everything is possible, a place where we’re doing the craziest things. The combination of the lack of parental control and opportunity of partying all day long often leads to increased alcohol consumption, which decreases our ability to assess a situation properly.

Prevention Science conducted an online study – 1,540 U.S. college undergraduates completed a survey after they returned from spring break. The average age of the respondents was 20 years.

To help you understand their behavior better, here are some general data – 11% of students went to spring break with their partners, 5% went with a group of friends and a partner, while 84% of students left without their romantic partners (some of them were single, and some of them were in long-term relationships).

When it comes to sexual behavior, 32% of the respondents reported having sex over spring break, and 15.5% stated that they had sex with at least one no-strings-attached partner.

However, the best indicator of their sexual behavior is the following result: 52.5% said that they had unprotected sexual intercourse, while about half of the students who had sex were under the influence of alcohol before and during sexual intercourse.

Now that we can understand students’ behavior over the spring break, especially when it comes to casual sex, safety, and alcohol issues, we can move on and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of spring break hookups.

The Pros and Cons of a Spring Break Casual Sex

spring break

The primary purpose of spring break vacations is to spend some quality and awesome time with your friends. However, the circumstances of a spring break vacation will lead you to numerous opportunities to have some casual sex.

As everything in this world has two sides, the situation with spring break hookups is the same. If something seems fun to you, that doesn’t mean that your no-strings-attached partner will enjoy it as well. Before you get involved in this category of casual sex, you should find out what the pros and cons of spring break hookups are.

Pro: Casual Sex on Spring Break Is an Ego Booster

Like any other type of casual sex, or even more so, a spring break hookup will boost your ego. The relaxed environment and lots of positive vibes around you will create the perfect base for the feeling of attraction. Increased self-esteem and pleasure will surely make you feel great!

Con: A Spring Break Hookup Might Make You Feel Cheap

Casual sex is like chocolate – it’s amazing while you consume it, but guilt follows immediately after. Although it’s true that you’ll feel amazing at the moment, after you return home, or even after you wake up in a mysterious stranger’s hotel room, chances are that you’ll feel guilty and cheap.

The more chocolate you eat, the greater consequences will be!

Spring Break Sex

Pro: A Spring Break Hookup Will Be a Great Story to Tell Your Friends

All your friends know about your no-strings-attached partner is the one Boomerang Video you posted on your Instagram Story that night, so, regardless of your gender, spring break hookup stories, packed with details, will be the hottest topic after you return home.

Besides, returning from spring break without an interesting and juicy story to share with your best friends would be such a shame.

Con: You Might Not Remember the Night You Spend with a Stranger

Spring Break Survey 2018: Top Millennial Travel Trends showed that each man spent about $90 on alcohol, while women gave on avg $60. We can freely conclude that alcohol plays an important role in spring break hookups.

If you drink a few cocktails or beers more, it’s possible that you’ll forget all the juicy details about the exciting night spent with your hookup, which means that you’ll have nothing to share with your friends after you return home, and the feeling of guilt and shame will stay intact.

Also, avoid drugs! Drugs will ruin your spring break and you risk getting arrested. Instead of getting wasted, try to absorb all the positive vibes and awesome energy around you!

Pro: Casual Means Casual on Spring Break

As we mentioned, you’ll meet an incredible amount of new people, including potential sex partners. On the other hand, the chances that you’ll see those people ever again are low, which means that you don’t have any reason to worry. You can be yourself and do whatever you want!

If you want to have a cup of sex without any obligations, you can do it without any consequences (if you use a condom).

spring break hookup

Con: You Might Hurt Your Partner

If you’re one of those people who left their partners back home and went on a spring break vacation with friends, you should be careful. The warm weather and positive vibes in combination with lots of attractive people around you is a risky environment for those in long-term relationships. If you cheat on your partner, they won’t be happy at all.

It’s important to remember why you are there – if you’re not a cheater, avoid affairs as much as you can.

Pro: Spring Break – What Happens There, Stays There

If you’re sure that your conscience won’t torture after a spring break vacation, you can go crazy. As long as you’re ready to satisfy your casual sex partner’s needs, you have all the rights to ask for weird stuff.

Spring break is the perfect place to try new stuff and experiment in the bedroom, at the beach, or whenever you find a fitting spot. Since your partner probably won’t even remember your name, you don’t have to worry that someone will find out what happened. Okay, your partner might share some details with their friends, but you’ll surely stay anonymous.

Con: Something Can Still Follow You Home

If you decide to leave some memories behind, that’s fine, but, if you make a mistake, consequences will stay with you for a while, or a little bit longer.

If you belong to the above-mentioned 52.5% of people who have had unprotected sexual intercourse, herpes, some other STD, STI, or even pregnancy will follow you home. Try to bring home memories instead of problems and diseases.

Having casual sex with strangers is fine as long as you keep it safe.

Spring Break Hookup – Dos and Don’ts

spring break vocation

Now that we clarified all the pros and cons of a spring break hookup, it’s time to move on and determine how to behave. If you have never been on a spring break vacation with friends, these guidelines will help you enjoy spring break and have casual sex without any consequences.

Besides, the chances that you’ll do something silly and regret it are huge, so you should have the following things in mind.

DO: Try Sex with a Stranger

Spring break provides you with a chance to get laid and move on with your life like nothing happened, and you should take advantage of your situation. You’ll gain new experiences, and you’ll probably learn something new about sex.

DON’T: Have Sex with Someone You Know

The atmosphere on spring break screams “have casual sex”, but you definitely shouldn’t hook up with a friend. Go there to enjoy all the advantages of spring break, and if you think that your friend should become your fuck buddy, consider that when you return home.

Besides, if you think that life is a romantic comedy and that your friend with benefits will become your life-long partner, it’s time to start watching other film genres.

DO: Have Sex on the Beach

Remember one thing: sex on the beach is awesome, especially if you live in a colder region without a coastal area. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience! However, you should also remember to bring a towel or blanket – sand might get stuck all over your body.

DON’T: Reveal Too Much about Yourself

Even if it’s with a total stranger, sex on the beach might appear romantic, and what do we do in romantic circumstances? We talk way too much. So, it’s important to keep some information to yourself. No one needs a stalker after the spring break adventure.

friends on spring break

DO: Catch up with Your Friends

If you decide to go on spring break with your friends, don’t neglect your friends so that you can gain some attention from your potential casual sex partner. Try to enjoy your friends’ company, and if it’s meant to be, you’ll have some casual sex, too.

DON’T: Get Attached

If you’re not ready to have casual sex without feelings involved, it’s better to wait for another spring break next year. The worst thing you can do is to fall in love with someone who isn’t ready for something serious. So, you should learn how to turn off your emotions for a week or two.

DO: Get Tested for STDs and STIs

No matter how careful you have been, you must get tested for STDs and STIs as soon as you return home.

Moreover, if you have ever had a risky sexual intercourse before your spring break vacation, you should get tested, too. That way, you’ll be sure that your potential casual sex partner won’t be a victim of your irresponsible behavior.

DON’T: Have Sex in the Pool

If you miss the chance to have sex on the beach, a pool or hot tub are not good alternatives. No matter how fun it seems, having sex in the pool is highly risky behavior. Freshwater is a perfect habitat for bacteria. Try to enjoy spring break, and make sure not to get an infection or disease.

The Bottom Line

Believe it or not, but you’re ready for a spring break vacation!

Make sure to remember all the pros and cons, as well as dos and don’ts mentioned above. If you decide to have a couple of drinks and wild sex with a stranger, that’s awesome, but you have to be careful. Make sure to remember all the funny and silly moments, to make and maintain new friendships, but also to build an even better relationship with your existing friends.

Our spring break hookup guides will be helpful, but you have to follow our advice if you don’t want to get hurt or to hurt somebody else. Spring break is all about fun, so make sure to take advantage of all the benefits!

Have lots of fun!