Every breakup is hard, it isn’t much different after you finish a casual sex relationship. The main difference is the lack of feelings, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be sad. It’s possible that you will feel emptiness, not because you love your partner but because you know that you won’t see them again.

That gap may impact your self-esteem, it may ruin your ego, but I’m sure that you’ve learned something and that the experience wasn’t horrible.

On the other hand, we know that every casual sex relationship may get complicated if you involve feelings. If that happened and made you feel scared, you’ll just need a little bit more time to get over it. Many people say that for getting over a breakup, you need as much time as that relationship lasted so don’t expect that you will get over it overnight, except if you are dealing with a one-night stand.

The following tips might be helpful for you to move on after a breakup. They may also help you kill some free time that you would have probably spent thinking about the mistakes you’ve made and things you should have said but didn’t.

1. Get tested for STDs

Before you do anything else, use some of your free time to get tested for STDs. Casual sex relationships (except sex with friends with benefits) means that you probably don’t know a lot about your partners’ past. You can’t be sure what your partner used to do or how many times they’ve been in a casual sexual relationship with other people.

Since STDs are a very common problem today, and the number of people with STDs is increasing, there is nothing wrong about getting tested. It’s better to prevent than to treat sexually transmitted diseases, but the most important thing is to find out if you have any STDs before it’s too late. Also, don’t forget to use protection during every sexual encounter.

2. Stay strong, so your ex-partner can’t see your weakness

After you eat up a whole chocolate ice cream alone, your friends will invite you to a party. You will refuse them at first, but after a while, you will accept their invitation and go out. If you drink a couple of beers (I’m sure you will) you might feel lonely.

This story sounds familiar, but now is time for a significant change of pace. You have two options, the first is to humiliate yourself and call your ex-partner, and the other is to enjoy the time you are spending with your friends.

If you choose the first option, the humiliation that you might feel if your ex-partner burns you isn’t something that you want to experience. Instead of inviting your ex-casual sex partner to your place, choose to go home alone. If you show your ex-partner that you can’t move on, that will boost their ego and make you look lame.

Additionally, if your partner accepts your offer, you’ll end up in bed, which is a bad thing. Learn how to say goodbye and don’t turn back.

3. Have fun with your friends

Overthinking also isn’t helpful, so try to spend all your free time with your friends. Your friends know you the best, so they know how to cheer you up. Try to go out when you have some free time, or just invite your friends to your place for a pizza. Homemade food and a movie marathon with friends are excellent medication for every broken heart. Everyone feels great when surrounded by friends.

4. Buy yourself flowers

Considering that your ex-sexual partner probably didn’t use to buy you gifts, honor yourself with a flower bouquet. First of all, it will make your apartment look prettier and fresh, and you will feel more special.

Also, it won’t kill you to redecorate your apartment. That way you’ll feel entirely relaxed and calm sitting there. Small things could make you feel much better so don’t economize – spend every single penny on details you could enjoy.

5. Find a new hobby

You should occupy yourself with something that doesn’t include thinking about the mistakes you’ve made and summarizing the whole relationship. A new hobby is an excellent opportunity for you to get rid of stress.

You had a lot of fun before, but now it’s time to calm down and relax by doing something more satisfying. Sign up for a painting course with your friends or do anything that you haven’t done before. There are a lot of different hobbies waiting for you.

various styles of people

6. Change your style

Nothing can cheer you up like a new haircut. Since this physical change is the most impressive one, the compliments that you’ll get will really boost your mood. You have to show to yourself, as well as to others, that you are ready to move on. Anything that refreshes your appearance can be helpful. If you aren’t ready to drastically change your hairstyle or hair color, maybe it’s time for shopping.

Invite your best friends for shopping because new clothes or shoes always good affect the mood. A significant change will show everyone that you’ve left problems behind and that you are completely ready to move on.

7. Avoid searching for a new hookup as soon as possible

Preferring only casual sex relationships might make you feel cheap after a while. You will regret it if you change a lot of sexual partners in a short period. I know that one-night stands are fun, but if you look back, you’ll realize that you shouldn’t have done it that many times. Don’t forget that casual sex relationships also may hurt your feelings.

8. Get involved in a more meaningful relationship

Since you had some fun in your ex-casual sex relationship, now it’s time for something more meaningful. Even if you like relationships without obligations, maybe you should find someone who understands you better. When you are in a real relationship, you can rely on your partner. The best thing about long-term relationships is that a couple can talk about everything.

When someone pushes you forward and helps you achieve all your goals, it’s something more meaningful than a sexual relationship. If you can find a best friend in your partner, you’ll learn how to appreciate what you have. When a partner shows you love and treats you the best, you’ll forget about every previous sexual relationship without feelings.

9. Travel for a weekend

A weekend in nature or at your friends’ cabin in the woods might help relieve some stress. A weekend in the country also sounds excellent. It can help you to get to know yourself better because you’ll have enough free time to think about your desires and the future.

If you decide to spend a weekend with your friends or family, they can help you stop overthinking things. Besides, it can improve your immune system and make you feel better spiritually.

10. Book a vacation with your friends

A vacation with friends is refreshing, even if you have no reason to leave everyday problems behind. Give yourself enough time to plan your trip! Slowly determine the destination of the trip and book your ticket. That period of waiting for the vacation is fantastic and will wholly occupy you.

After a week on holiday, you’ll forget about every single issue. I’m sure that you’ll be ready to move on and find your soulmate.

11. Get rid of reminders

Although we are talking about a casual sex relationship, if it lasted for a while, there must be a lot of reminders. Even the pillow in your bedroom might be a reminder, so throw it away or hide it from yourself until you completely move on.

If the two of you spent some time outside the bedroom, avoid places that you visited together. Maybe you aren’t sad, but it’s normal that you have some negative feelings. To avoid potentially stressful situations, stay away from anything that reminds you of your ex-partner.

clean closet

12. Clean out your closet

Even if one of the main rules of a casual sex relationship is that leaving the personal stuff at each other’s place is forbidden, it’s possible that your ex-partner left some lingerie or other personal stuff in your closet.

Open your wardrobe and throw away everything that belongs to your ex-partner. It’s not a good idea to meet again to exchange personal belongings, so if your partner insists, send them their belongings by cab.

13. Stop following your ex-partner on social media

You might think that the scariest thing ever is seeing your ex-partner enjoying life with other people while you are sitting at home, but that’s not the worst situation. Can you imagine seeing that your casual sex partner has changed the relationship status on their social media to ”in a relationship”? You’ll ask yourself what would’ve happened if that person was you.
Besides, whenever you see your ex-partners’ photo on social media, you will feel bad. Seeing their photos with other people can be a big blow to your self-esteem, and that’s the last thing you want at this moment.

You’ll find yourself thinking about every Facebook status your ex wrote, trying to find a deeper meaning. Unfollow your ex-partner because you should have nothing to do with them again.

14. Start working out

Fitness is excellent if you want to get into better shape, lose some weight or to just live healthier. Besides, working out may be useful for stress-relief. Your energy will increase after you get into better form.

With your spirits high, you’ll be able to discover new things that may boost your mood. Moreover, your body will become more attractive so that might help you find a new partner. Besides, you should eat healthier because it will also increase your energy levels.

15. Meet new people

Getting new friends and acquaintances may open up some opportunities for finding a new partner. If your circle of friends isn’t big enough for you to ask them to set you up, new friends are good for that. Apart from the fact that you’ll have a lot of fun hanging out with new people, it can also help turn your thoughts away from a failed relationship.

16. Get a pet

Pets are our best friends. The only difference between best friends and pets is that a pet can’t talk and it lives with you at your place. Visit an animal shelter and find a pet that suits your character and lifestyle. With a pet, you won’t have enough time for future mistakes. Your pet will always be near you, ready to help you get over every issue and stressful situation.
Find your life-long friend and enjoy the time you’ll spend together. Besides, the fact that you saved your pets’ life will always be a reminder of how generous a person you are.

You have to learn how to get over every relationship whether it’s a casual sex relationship or a long-term relationship. Every loss is hard, but if you move on immediately, you’ll realize what freedom means, and you will find numerous ways to enjoy every day you spend alone. Since there’s no one to interrupt you, it’s easy to dedicate every moment to yourself.

Just stay positive and, as I said before, try to find a partner for developing a meaningful relationship. That’s the best thing that can happen to you after you move on and get over a relationship based on sex. While it’s hot and ego-boosting to start of a relationship with a bang, sometimes it’s best to take things slow and wait a bit before you jump into bed together.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to take your time – don’t take any big steps until you are sure about where you want to be and what you want from your next relationship.

Hope that you’ll find a perfect person that suits you and that saying goodbye to your casual sex partner brings you more good things than bad.