What’s worse: a lame opening line or a horrible date?

Horrible dates will boost your ego over time because you will learn to manage failure and you will gain some experience. Also, failed dates will increase your confidence. With that being said, we can surely conclude that lame opening lines are definitely worse than a horrible date.

Today, a hookup can happen easily and very fast but lame opening lines and text messages are the worst nightmare for online daters. If you are searching for casual sex, don’t be a jerk. Casual sex without expectations of a relationship is very popular today so there are a lot of people looking for the same thing as you are.

Don’t worry, if you are looking for a casual date from time to time, we can tell you what not to say. The following tips may be helpful if you don’t want to blow it before it even starts.

1. You are so hot

If you are looking for a one night stand, this is definitely the worst opening line ever. You are on the same page, physical attraction is implied. On the other hand, that’s exactly what your partner wants to hear. Our advice is to keep it as simple as possible. You are not here to boost your partner’s ego.

2. You deserve better

Damn, who are you to define what I deserve? Please work on your self-esteem. There is no reason to use this phrase ever again. If you don’t think that you’re good enough, why should anybody else?

3. Let’s have sex

Slow down buddy, everyone will look for an escape. It’s better to ask yourself: ’’Am I a maniac?’’ Don’t force your partner. He or she will run away as soon as possible.

4. I love you

Don’t talk about love with your casual sex hookup. It’s not casual if you are talking about emotions. Leave your feelings behind and get ready for a good old casual sex adventure. Just enjoy. Save some love for a meaningful relationship.

5. What are we?

Don’t. Just don’t.

Asking this question makes you look cringy. It’s really pathetic. According to some research, more than 50% of people hate to define a casual sex relationship. You must be aware that a casual relationship can develop into something meaningful only if both sides want the same thing. Be persistent but don’t force it. Trying to define a relationship status is very dumb, even if we are talking about a more long-term relationship.

6. I’m not looking for anything serious

That’s okay, but you don’t have to talk about that. Try to keep some information to yourself. The fact that you are trying to eliminate the possibility of any relationship developing can reject your partner. Be wise and shut up.

7. You look better online

That’s mostly true, but honesty isn’t always your best friend. Of course, you’re not a fool so there is no space for drastic lies about physical appearance.

8. I don’t care

If you don’t care, who will? Stay focused if you are opened for something new. It’s totally okay if you are not ready for commitment or a deeper relationship, but you can’t say “I don’t care”. If you want to get laid, do your best.

9. Who are you texting?

Jealousy won’t help you get laid for sure. It’s just casual sex, not a fairytale. You have to understand that you are one another’s last priority. There’s no official relationship.

If you are seeing other people, your partner can do the same. Don’t make a scene. The best thing about a casual relationship is the fact that there’s no reason to argue. Stay relaxed and leave the negativity behind. You are both here for enjoyment, so don’t ruin it. Jealousy can only lead to disaster.

10. Are you a virgin?

Oh my! Let’s hold hands.

Anyone who thinks about casual sex relationships isn’t a virgin for God’s sake. Asking this question will get your potential hookup thinking that you have no experience at all.

11. I don’t use condoms

use condom or not

That’s the SCARIEST thing I ever heard. There’s no person who likes to hear that. Get tested for STDs and STIs. Sexual health is very important so don’t do it without protection.

Beside sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy is a huge risk if you decide not to use a condom.
Statistics provided by the World Health Organization shows that over a million diseases are transmitted sexually around the world every single day. Don’t be a part of the statistics and choose safe sex.

12. Are you ready for commitment?

You are just a hookup, not a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Don’t waste your time on futureless relationships. Move on and try to find a soulmate somewhere else. This isn’t a love story with a happy ending.

13. You are too beautiful for me

This is a very common phrase but that doesn’t mean that you have to use it. That only means that you don’t know what self-esteem is. Talk to someone and get help. Low self-esteem can lead to depression, anxiety, and other psychological diseases.

14. I can imagine a future with you

Don’t pretend that you care. Casual sex is quite the opposite. Romantic relationships are the most beautiful thing to some people but if you are searching for casual sex, romance is unacceptable.

15. Do you like kids?

You’ll just ruin everything that’s great about casual sex with this question. No one likes to talk about kids after a cup of sex that means nothing.

16. Let’s hang out

Stay focused, you are not texting a friend. If you are in a relationship, hanging out is fine. But if you have casual sex from time to time, stop hanging out together. Once again, it’s not casual if you involve feelings.

17. What’s up?

Why would you care? That doesn’t matter to you. Your casual date isn’t your best buddy. You don’t watch football games together. Messages like “What’s up” and “Hey fella” are forbidden! Generic greetings make you sound like an idiot.

18. I’m looking for a relationship

There is no space for relationships in a casual sex adventure. If you are looking for an open relationship, you can talk about that. But stop talking about meaningful relationships ‘cause you are not here for that.

19. You should lose weight

In the age of Photoshopped reality, a lot of people struggle with body issues. Today, Instagram bloggers and influencers very often talk about appreciation for your body, which is helpful. Try to accept your partner’s body just the way it is.

You are not able to change your partner’s habits. You must accept someone’s body and you don’t have any right to judge it or talk about it. Move on and find your perfect casual sex partner but don’t blame them if they don’t match your standards.

20. Why are you still single?

Because I’m enjoying casual sex from time to time. It’s so simple. Evan the most beautiful people (according to unrealistic beauty standards imposed by influencers) are mostly single. There are no rules.

21. I want to settle down

serious relationship

If that’s true, try to find a soulmate, not a partner for casual sex. Be careful, you might hurt yourself if your expectation doesn’t come true. Casual sex is different than a relationship that means something.

22. You are dumb

Of course nobody is perfect. Ask yourself how dumb you are if you are able to say something like that. Besides, you are not looking for a spiritual relationship. All you need is casual sex, so don’t bother with it.

23.Your friend looks better than you

That’s the worst nightmare. Your partner introduced you to their friends and you ruined it with this line? Oh my, that’s terrible. We know that you are not ready for a love story, but the line ‘’Your friend looks better than you” can’t bring anything good.

24. We should do this more often

You have to give your partner some space. Casual sex is something that happens every now and then so you have to understand that. It just happens occasionally. If you already have plans for the next date, it’s not casual.

25. Let’s get drunk!

Never say that again. We are serious. Just don’t.

First of all, it’s risky. The power of making smart decisions can disappear. You can lose your emotional stability, self-esteem, and the most important thing – reputation.

Kansas State University carried out research about sex under the influence of alcohol. The fact that 67% of women were intoxicated when an unplanned pregnancy occurred is frightening. If you are young and all you want is a one-night stand with no consequences, be careful. Unwanted pregnancy is terrifying for a young couple with no experience.

On the other hand, if you aren’t adolescent, the last thing you want to do is explaining to your kid that they are the consequence of an unwanted pregnancy. That’s not simple at all.

26. I’m hungry. Can you make me something for dinner?

Are you serious? If you are hungry after casual sex, visit some fast food restaurant. You can’t expect your sex partner to cook for you. A romantic dinner is for real couples.

27. Can I keep my stuff at your place?

In every relationship, over time, partners leave personal stuff at each other’s place. That mostly starts with toothbrushes, cosmetics, some underwear, etc.

Even if it looks normal, it isn’t. That happens slowly, so you can’t notice. But if your one-night stand brings up that idea, it’s time for some thinking. Only a person who wants to see you again can leave personal stuff at your place, so that’s a red flag.

28. I want to meet your parents

A meeting with someone’s parents isn’t easy for couples in long-term relationships. That’s a very big step. Can you imagine a weekend brunch with an unknown girl/guy and his/her parents, young sis, and big brother? If you can, we are talking about a real relationship. All you should care about is pleasure.

29. My best friend likes you too

You weirdo! Let’s clear something up. You like your sexual partner, which is fine. Your partner likes you too, for sure. Why in heaven would you involve someone else in this relationship? It’s not deep and meaningful, we agree.

There’s no love or emotions, also true. But keep it simple. If your partner is open-minded for a sexual relationship, that doesn’t mean that you can share them with your best friend. We aren’t talking about a book or a video game. Or even worse, your partner may not be ready for a threesome.

30. I don’t like your clothes

Our personal style is unique. We all choose to wear what makes us comfortable and happy, so who cares? If you say something like this, you’ll just get your partner angry. Everyone has a different taste, so talking about that makes no sense. Our final advice: Be nice or go away!

As we’ve said, casual sex can’t normally lead to long-term relationships. On the other hand, in the British Sex Survey conducted by the Guardian, approximately half of the respondents reported that they had been engaged in a one-night stand, 55 % of men and 43 % of women.

Zhana Vrangalova, New York-based sex researcher with a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University talks about the casual sex epidemic among young people.

Since this new era has helped make our search for insignificant sexual relationships very easy and very fast, it’s possible that casual sex can lead to a long-term, meaningful relationship in time. If your hookup matches you at all, you can give it a shot.
We hope that these tips were helpful. Break a leg!