The modern environment is an excellent base for a free and unrestricted lifestyle, but we’re increasingly noticing that our decisions are under scrutiny. Although it seems like the 21st century has brought a better atmosphere for developing our lives in the direction which suits us most, some social barriers will always be there.

Since we’re all learning from our mistakes to avoid making the same blunders, sometimes it’s simpler to keep quiet instead of attracting attention by doing what is considered forbidden or shameful. That’s the reason why there will always be certain social taboos.

Just like centuries ago, sex-related topics are still the most difficult to talk about. As we have grown more civilized, parts of our critically-minded society have invested a lot of effort to shame us for being “like wild animals” and having sex with various partners.

Well, animals may have a different goal, but no one should prohibit pleasure. As free citizens, we can do all that isn’t regulated by law, and that’s why casual sex shouldn’t be a stigma in modern society.

With that in mind, we found some reasons that can ”justify” such behavior in the eyes of the more intolerant parts of our society. Who knows, maybe we should change some habits to live free and without limits, and finding a middle ground may be the best solution for both sides.

Issue No 1 – Safety

be safe by using condom

We’ve been learning about safe sex from an early age, and that’s fine. Safe sex is a big problem around the globe, and risky sexual behavior won’t improve anything. That brings us to the next two important questions:

What is risky sexual intercourse?

Can risky sexual intercourse happen in a long-term relationship?

Well, that’s exactly the point! One-night-stands and casual sex relationships are frequently considered to be risky, but that’s not entirely true. Risky sexual intercourse can happen in long-term relationships too. Nowadays, STDs and STIs are big problems, but quitting casual sex isn’t a solution.

Obligatory use of protection is a solution, but that won’t change some people’s mentality. If we all try to decrease the number of diseases and raise awareness of the importance of protection, that might help.

How risky is casual sex?

No one can say if casual sex is risky based on personal experience, and that’s why we found some statistical data. This survey included 2000 sexually active women, and the results are the following:

  • 57 % of respondents said that they have only safe sex – they use a condom every time.
  • 25 % of respondents said that they use condoms most of the time.
  • 18 % of respondents said that they use condoms rarely.

Statistics on condom usage confirmed that risky sexual behavior is quite common. The fact that almost half of the participants are exposed to STDs and STIs, and that they can transmit those diseases to multiple partners is alarming. Moreover, the data verifies that we aren’t aware of the consequences.

Issue No 2 – We Don’t Talk About Casual Sex Honestly Enough

shoutting via loudspeaker

Before we start a war, we have to find out what we are fighting against.

stigma noun (FEELING)
a strong feeling of disapproval that most people in a society have about something, especially when this is unfair;

Well, it’s clear that we are fighting against society, but our next question is how to convince society that their disapproval isn’t justified and that it’s entirely unfair? The answer is simpler than you can imagine – we should talk about casual sex like it’s the most natural thing in the world, and society will accept it sooner or later.

Our biggest mistake is that we are hiding details from our personal life to avoid being judged. Since people are usually hiding things that they are ashamed of, as long as our behavior shows that there is something wrong about casual sex, society won’t change.

It’s a misconception that only people in their 20’s are enjoying casual sex, and then people involved in such relationships blame older generations for non-acceptance. Wake up! Casual sex isn’t limited to young people, everyone is enjoying it, but there is not enough discussion about it.

Since casual sex is in human nature, people over 50, in their middle-age crisis, also have frequent no-strings-attached sex.

How many people have had casual sex?

The mentioned survey included 2000 women who aren’t in relationships, between the ages of 18 and 63. A total of 82% of them have had a casual sex relationship.

The majority of respondents – 39% had only one or two partners, while almost a one-quarter of them had no-strings-attached sexual intercourse with about five partners. Approximately 12% of them had had casual sex with about 10 partners, while 5% got involved in no-strings-attached sexual intercourse with more than 20 partners outside of a relationship.

The fact that women are having casual sex whether they are 18 or 60+ confirms that all sexually active people have a need for sex without obligations. It’s in our nature!

Issue No 3 – Morality Dilemmas


If we look back in history, it’s clear that sex before marriage isn’t something should be praised. People were punished for sex before marriage, and when we say people, we mean both men and women.

Women were punished for choosing their partners, and men, just like Casanova, were punished for dishonoring those women. In some areas, the most severe punishment for such a thing was execution.

Although a modern environment is much different, our society still finds a way to punish people for having pleasure. Instead of the execution, the most severe punishment is the shame factor.

While sex before marriage isn’t a big deal in most parts of the world, in some countries, sex before marriage is still forbidden and the general public finds casual sex to be immoral. Long story short, sexual behavior has always been the subject of debate.

Like in every debate, in the case of casual sex, people are divided into two parties. On the one hand, we have those who are against casual sex, and on the other hand, there are those who can understand all the advantages of such sexual behavior.

Why is casual sex good for us?

The freedom of choice enabled us to explore our bodies and to learn about sex. The biggest number of sexual partners means the greatest experience, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Instead of being with only one partner who can’t satisfy all our needs, we should search for our pleasure until we find it. And even when we find it, we have all the right to continue with our search for something better and more thrilling.

Casual sex can also boost our ego, which has a positive impact on our mental health. Social media, like many other popular factors, are already playing with our self-esteem. Instead of being dissatisfied, we can confirm our attractiveness by having sex without any obligations.

Since the only connection between two casual sex partners is physical attraction, that chemistry can awaken our desires. Unlike long-term relationship partners, casual sex partners are there for us to accomplish our sex-related fantasies.

Instead of glorifying all benefits of casual sex, society recognizes it as a big stigma. Some people would essentially blame others for daring to act freely in an effort to improve their mental health.

Issue No 4 – Casual Sex Is Considered To Be Disrespectful

Young couple having a quarrel

Using a partner for a bit of quick sex is a common occurrence among both short-term and long-term relationships. While the process of using a long-term relationship partner for sex often isn’t transparent, casual sex relationships are entirely open about that idea.

People primarily get involved in no-strings-attached relationships for that reason. When the only goal is mutual sexual satisfaction, there is no reason to hide something.

So, that leads us to the next question: “What is more respectful, a transparent relationship based on sex, or a long-term relationship where emotional blackmail to get sex is all too common?”

Well, it’s clear that casual sex relationships can often be more transparent than long-term relationships. As long as your hookup treats you with respect, you should enjoy multiple orgasms. The hookup culture is meant to make us comfortable and fulfilled.

For some people, casual sex relationships are a much better solution than relationships which are expected to bring love. Passion is sometimes a much stronger feeling!

Until more people realize the qualities and benefits of casual sex, society will live in ignorance, missing all the fun.

Issue No 5 – Family Values

happy family

Other things imposed by society are related to family values. Although we are living in the 21st century, we are expected to reproduce and live in family environments, whether it makes us happy or not. It’s true that casual sex is most common among college students and adolescents, but we have established that mature people enjoy these activities too.

Although people who aren’t ready to settle down are usually the young ones, casual sex is common among divorced people too. On the other hand, we shouldn’t disregard those who are enjoying casual relationships because they don’t want to start a family just yet.

Those who have commitment issues search for partners with the same problems. If someone doesn’t want to invest their time and energy into a relationship, it’s not a reason to judge them.

However, issues related to family values are also directed at the gay culture. Society can’t accept that some people don’t want to complete the ‘’goal’’ of their existence by closing the circle – to be born, to reproduce, to die.

That leads us to the most crucial issue.

Have you ever heard about the overpopulation of the earth?

Overpopulation is the main threat to the planet, and that’s why society shouldn’t force individuals to reproduce just for the sake of following traditional family values. People, you should have casual sex, and you should do what makes you happy!

The bottom line

Well, we have proved that casual sex can be safe and fun at the same time. The only problem related to our Issue No 1 is that more people should use protection and more consistently.

Besides, we have to add that the problem of STDs and STIs is common among people engaged in long-term relationships, so we can conclude that safety isn’t such a big issue when it comes to casual sex.

Our second issue includes problems with the lack of information related to casual sex, so we think that it would become more accepted if we started talking and sharing our experiences. We further concluded that no one should influence our decisions and that the general public isn’t qualified enough to decide what is moral and what isn’t.

Also, it’s clear that no one should tell us what to do with our lives. As long as we don’t see those ”issues” like issues, we should ignore the opinion of the masses.

So, our final advice for all of you who are willing to jump into bed with a stranger and have relationships that exclude feelings and obligations is to be careful. You are the only scriptwriter of your life, and you should live it without limits and boundaries. If society makes you anxious, just overlook their opinion and enjoy yourself.

Additionally, avoid involving emotions in casual sex relationships because your hookups might hurt your feelings. That’s the only real issue. Wish you lots of luck!